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Dean Worth [1] (born Dean Worth, born 1927 in New York..) - American linguist and literary critic, Doctor of Science (1956), an honorary professor emeritus (1995), University of California at Los Angeles. Works on the morphology of modern Russian language, Russian history, ancient literature, Itelmen language and others.

He studied Slavic studies at the Sorbonne (in A. Vaillant et al.), And at Harvard University; One of the most famous disciples Jakobson among the postwar generation of American Slavists. After defending his doctoral dissertation at Harvard University (1956) moved to the University of California, Los Angeles, where he taught until retirement in 1995

He has made a contribution to the description of the modern Russian morphology and especially morphonology (analysis of the effects of zero affixation, truncation, etc.). In the works of 1960-1970-ies. I use popular while transformational-generative terminology, but a number of observations and conclusions Worth remain valid beyond this theoretical context. He is the author of "Russian word-formation dictionary" (1970, co-authored), one of the first word-formation dictionary of the Russian language.

Worth actively promoted the achievements of the Russian and European Slavic studies in the US, he has written a lot of reviews, compiled a bibliography of works on Slavic studies; He supported not recognized by the official Soviet Russian studies researchers in 1960-1980-ies .; He was a personal friend of the famous translator KP Bogatyrev.

Issledovalleksiku and poetics of "Lay" and other monuments of Old Russian literature (including the Novgorod birch bark letters); also engaged in the problems of Old Russian and modern Russian metrics.

In 1960-ies. He published a number of works on the Itelmen language (in which, in particular, has expressed doubts about the genetic relationship between languages ??Itelmen and Chukchi-Koryak group); issued Itelmen texts collected Jochelson, and vocabulary of a Itelmen dialects.