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Place of birth : New York, USACitizenship: United States

American King of jewelers

By mid- 2009 the company had 18 boutiques in 10 states and 4 countries outside the store.

`David Yurman` - American jewelry company with headquarters in New York (New York City), founded by a local jeweler David Yurmanov, which remains its sole owner. By mid-In 2009 the company had 18 boutiques in 10 states and 4 countries outside the store. Their first overseas store opened in Hong Kong (Hong Kong), in the International Financial Centre (International Finance Center), in the vicinity of the company`s Asian headquarters.

In 1982 Yurman first time, he presented the product buyers, became his hallmark -silver bracelets made of twisted cords, jeweled on the extremities. Other well-known and popular collections include `Silver Ice` (silver and diamonds),` Buckle Collection` and `X collection`. The family that owns and operates jewelry and watch business, frequently appears on the pages of magazines such as `Vogue`,`Harpers Bazaar` and` Town & Country` with supermodel Kate Moss (Kate Moss) and others.

For a long time David and his wife, a talented artist Sybil Kleinrock (Sybil Kleinrock), to reflect on what should be the perfect flavor, and then, finally, in the summer of 2008, the company `David Yurman` released her first perfume. According to the complexity and elegance of the fragrance is very similar to jewelry collections of the brand. For flavor development posted the same perfumer who had worked on the creation of `CK One` and` Ralph Lauren Romance`.

In February 2009, David Yurman has launched a new collection of watches, `Classic Collection`,was working with his son Evan (Evan Yurman), made in the classic tradition of using Swiss movements.

Among the celebrities who now and then appear in the press with ornaments and hours of `David Yurman` - Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber), Gerard Butler (Gerard Butler), Rihanna (Rihanna), Jamie Foxx (Jamie Foxx), Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt),Will Smith (Will Smith), Marc Anthony (Marc Anthony), Rosario Dawson (Rosario Dawson), Kanye West (Kanye West), Justin Timberlake (Justin Timberlake), Katherine Heigl (Katherine Heigl), Mary-Kate Olsen (Mary-Kate Olsen), Sienna Miller (Sienna Miller), Kate Hudson (Kate Hudson), Amber Valletta (Amber Valletta), Naomi Watts (Naomi Watts),Kevin Costner (Kevin Costner), Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron), Eva Mendes (Eva Mendes) and many others.

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