David Viens

Picture of David Viens

Age: 52

Citizenship: United States

A shocking cannibalism

The Supreme Court of California in Los Angeles (Supreme Court of California, Los Angeles) convicted the chef and restaurant owner, 49-year-old David Viensa, with premeditated murder in the second degree. The court found that Viens two years ago killed his wife, 39-year-old Dawn Viens (Dawn Viens), and then went to extreme measures to get rid of the corpse, four days variv him in a barrel.

On interrogations conducted before a court, which became available at the hearing of the case, Viens told in detail about how the end of 2009, cash from the restaurant began to disappear money periodically. The theft he suspected his wife, and on the basis of the October 18th wife quarrel. The quarrel escalated into physical abuse. David threw his wife on the floor, taped her mouth with adhesive tape, and then just walked away and went to bed.

Waking up, David discovered that Dawn gasped. He was nervous, and in a fit of panic came up with an unusual way of how to resolve the problem with the body. As a chef, he placed the corpse in a 250-liter barrel of water and boiled continuously for four days. Telosuprugi seethe into pieces, and Viens decided to throw some of them in the trash, and some buried in a pit at the restaurant. However, it is still not completely get rid of the body. Killer skull Dawn hid in his mother`s home in Torrance (Torrance), wishing to leave from the wife something to remember.

In March 2011, the psyche Viensa could not stand, and he tried to kill herself. The offender ran from the 24-meter cliff in Rancho Palos Verdes (Rancho Palos Verdes), but the result was not fatal. He was taken to the hospital where David told all the police, however, he said that the guilty of murdering his wife does not consider himself.

On hearing Viens arrived in a wheelchair Kresse. He was charged with premeditated murder in the first degree, for which faces life in prison. But the judge changed the premeditated murder of the first degree premeditated murder of a second. Jurors eventually had to decide whether David Viens committed murder, or is still guilty of manslaughter. Sentencing is scheduled for November 27; criminal face imprisonment from 15 years to life.