David Richard Berkowitz

Picture of David Richard Berkowitz

Date of Birth: 06/01/1953

Age: 63

Place of birth: Brooklyn

Citizenship: United States

Son of Sam

In July 1978, The New Yorker, David Berkowitz was jailed for murder with special cruelty six young attractive girls and causing grave wounds seven others in the same.

In passing sentence on the conviction of the accused for a total of 315 years in prison, the judge expressed his sincere wish for him to be detained until the very last day of his life. In New York, there was no resident who thought otherwise, because it was not in this city of a criminal, which also would be feared and hated. Nearly the whole 1977 it known to all by the nickname "Son of Sam", literally terrorized the city.

Calculate maniac long time could not, and to find him not only enormous forces intelligence agencies have been directed, but also the ability of some visionaries. This method of catching criminals have repeatedly been applied in specific cases, and the maniac was really osobym- in its cruelty and sophistication.

About his participation in the search for David Berkbvitsa wrote the famous American psychic Uri Geller:

"Carl (customs agent) has convinced me of the need to help in the search of a thug. He introduced me to a police officer ready to try any method to only catch the killer. One evening we went to the last scene of the crime" Son of Sam "in a deserted place titled "lovers Lane" is located near the bridge Vernadano.

But before we went there, he has shown me some photos of previous victims - Accident mutilated girls. I was ready to do everything in my power to help in the capture of a maniac who is responsible for what he saw me in the photographs.

At the crime scene, I went through all the length and breadth, trying as much as possible to focus on. Maybe even too concentrated. Then he began to collect their feelings and experiences, and gave police a rough description of the killer. Besides, he called the one word that was beating strongly in my mind: "Yonkers."

I felt that I do not really helped the police. Yonkers - it is a huge area in New York and live there, perhaps thousands, of people with characteristics similar to the ones I gave the police.

Later I learned that the police were still caught Berkowitz, checking all cars to park and who received appropriate coupons in the area of ??crime during or shortly before the killings. That`s how they were attacked on the trail of the killer, who actually lived in Yonkers. We track down his apartment, where he carried out the arrest.

For me was too small consolation that little information I gave, proved to be accurate. Alas, it was true, though, but not so certain to help save a life, at least, another innocent girl.

To complete the story of this terrible case, we can add that I found out that at different stages of the criminal search brought some telepaths. One of them was able to give additional information which, together with my and put an end to criminal activity, "the son of Sam."

Press, radio and television have developed a truly frenzied activity around these tragic events. Long before the criminal capture media become literally his accomplices. Making a new sensation a lot of money, they actually praised the assassin.

Press suggested: maniac commits another murder on the anniversary of his first crime. It is quite possible that such incitement led to yet another murder, two days after the anniversary of the sinister.

When the maniac was arrested in his room they found a cache of newspaper and magazine clippings about his crimes and victims.

David Berkowitz was on military service in South Korea, there are addicted to drugs, after demobilization was a minor postal employee. Drugs and loneliness led to distortions in his mind.

It turned out that even before the arrest of "Son of Sam" US publishers, TV and film companies have concluded contracts on the books and scripts on the killer of life, about his crimes and victims. After his arrest, Berkowitz and he also took up the pen, and he immediately got its own "literary agent".

Source: The most dangerous maniacs