David Glasheen

Picture of David Glasheen

Age: 69

Citizenship: Australia

From brokers to Robinsons

The Life of David Gleshina changed radically in 1987 - it was then that a bad operation of the stock market has cost him 6.5 million pounds.

Now Gleshinu had to deal with the problem, which Crusoe at the time and did not have to think - it kicked off the island. The Supreme Court of Queensland (The Supreme Court of Queensland) ruled that David does not fulfill its obligations and, as a consequence, a right to occupy the island has. Gleshin obligations in due time took the rather extensive - he had to build a tourist resort on the island. Special construction works, David, of course lately has not led - he lived quietly, eating vegetables grown in the home (and own made beer). Interestingly, the trade on the exchange Gleshin not stopped on the island - now, however, the broker works through the network.

According to the most Gleshina island greatly changed it. Of course, there is sometimes very much alone - a mermaid on the local beaches are not swim, and sailors, though David`s visit, but too rarely. The only constant is the company Gleshina his dog Quasi (Quasi). The lonely life of many pitfalls - trivial mistake can lead to fatal consequences; David, however, the island had already mastered. The life of a hermit showed David that even with a minimum of improvised means, if desired, can be achieved very, very much.

One-third of the island was given Gleshinu rent Australian government 43 years; David (and his business partner) were to establish here fishing and to build tourist infrastructure (at a total cost of 131,000 pounds minimum). Now the authorities claim that fulfill the promise of David was not going to - he just enjoyed all the benefits of private tropical island for an absolutely ridiculous fee (13,000 pounds per year). The court ruled not in favor of Robinson, but Gleshin plans to appeal - for returning to the world he had no desire to.