David Bronconnier

Picture of David Bronconnier

Date of Birth: 07/10/1962

Age: 54

Place of Birth: Calgary

Citizenship: Canada


Bronkone born on October 7, 1962 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I grew up in the northwestern part of Glenbrook and attended high school Wisconsin Bennett. Bronkone while he studied at the University of Calgary, but dropped out to start work. He worked in the City of Calgary Electric System and the Alberta Government Telephones, and in 1983 osnovalsvoyu construction company. In 1987, together with his business partner founded the First General Services. The company is specialized for repairs after the fire and recovery of insurance claims. The company employs 15 people. Bronkone married to Cindy and their four detey.V Bronkone 1992 was elected to the municipal council of Calgary, where he served for 3 period has not yet decided to run for mayor. In 1997 Bronkone participated in the elections as the candidate of the Liberal Party of Canada from Calgary West constituency, but lost to the representative of the party of reform, Robert Andersson. In the 2001 elections he won the election and became mayor of Calgary 35. In 2004, he was re-elected, Aero support was 80% of those who came to the polls. That year, 18% of the electorate voted, which was the lowest turnout in the history of the municipal elections in Western Canada. In 2007, he was again pereizbran.Dave Semenko vs Tim Hunter 04-24-86 23 February 2010 Bronkone announced that he would not participate in the 2010 elections.