David (race) Bannon

Picture of David (race) Bannon

Age: 52

Citizenship: United States

Unreal Interpol agent landed on this dock

Dilley was born in 1963. In his book `Race Against Evil: The Secret Missions of the Interpol Agent Who Tracked the World`s Most Sinister Criminals`, published in 2006, he said that working in Asia (Asia) as a Mormon missionary who became a killer and the secret agent. According to Dilley, he was interrogated and eliminated the creators and distributors of child pornography, which its director Interpol identified as inaccessible to other law enforcement agencies. Lie `Bennona` was revealed after his arrest in January 2006 on a number of charges.

At Interpol`s website contains the following statement of 31 January of 2006:

In 2004, the Interpol General Secretariat made the following statement about the book Bannon:

`General secretariat of Interpol in Lyon (Lyon) has no records on hiring` Reysa` David Bannon in the service and does not know anything about the people mentioned in the book of Mr. Bannon. Interpol exists to facilitate the exchange of information between law enforcement agencies of different countries, provide an analysis of information on crimes and so on. Accordingly, the statements in the book Bannon can only be viewed as irresponsible, misleading fantaziya`.

Bannon has reacted to this statement, claiming that such a statement Interpol forced to do the secret nature of his `raboty` (supposedly includes more than 100 kills).

As a result, January 27, 2006 Bannon was arrested in Boulder, Colorado (Boulder, Colorado), on charges of impersonating another person for criminal purposes, computer crime and attempted theft. The prosecution alleges that Bannon made a fraudulent history of participation in the activities of Interpol and the reputation of an expert in the field of human trafficking, to generate revenue for consultations and presentations on these topics. Part of the evidence against him was collected Samuel Browning (Samuel Browning), a lawyer from Connecticut (Connecticut), related to Bullshido.net, a site dedicated to the eradication of fraud in the martial arts. Participation in this site actually began with groundless statements Bannon that he owns a black belt in Hapkido and Kendo.

April 24, 2006 David `Reys` Bannon pleaded guilty to charges of impersonating another person for criminal purposes in Colorado court. His confession was obtained in exchange for what prosecutors dropped additional charges of computer crime and attempted theft. According to the district attorney who worked on the case Bannon, the accused is likely to get off with a fine rather than imprisonment.