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Vocalist Glenn Danzig, nicknamed " devil`s Elvis " at the beginning of his career was headed by notorious punk band "Misfits". After its collapse, he gathered another team "Samhain", which plays a cross between punk and metal.In 1987, Glenn decided to pursue a solo career and founded his project "Danzig". The first group consisted of guitarist of "Samhain" John Christ, drummer Chuck Biskvits and former drummer of "Misfits" Irie Wong (Arthur Goody) , who undertook now for a bass guitar.

The first work of the team was the single "You And Me (Less Than Zero)",published on the newly formed label "Def American". After the release of the second single, "You Are My Woman", the first concert of "Danzig", held in New Jersey.

Already the second album finally loomed style group - satanic heavy metal with a dash of blues. And if the first record failed to chart, the second took the 74th place. The third work is already settled in the 24th position.

DanzigNa concerts also not without incident. For example, on "Monsters Of Rock" in 1992, Danzig quarreled with musicians from the "Warrant", and on "Rock Am Ring", he also made a scuffle with Vivian Campbell of "Def Leppard". In 1994, the fourth album "Danzig" was present again on the US charts. In the same year the team was accompanied by " Metallica " during their global tour, bringing the team `s popularity soared, and the composition " for Mother " to rank well in the charts "Billboard". Despite this, the group started having problems and its first left Chuck Biskvits. The following year, his example was followed by Christ and Vaughn ,Danzig have left in splendid isolation. Glenn did not particularly discouraged, and summoned to the aid of Jos Lazy (bass) , Joey Castillo (drums) and Mark Chaussi (guitar) . Last, though not for long stayed in the team, and soon gave way to Tommy Victor.

In this structure the "Danzig" recorded the EP "Bleed Angel", but he never saw the light. After some time the team left the Lazy and Victor and Glenn had to find a replacement. The new members of the group became Rob Nicholson (bass) and Dave Kashner (guitar) .

DanzigPosle exit "Blackacidevil", represents a creative excursion into "Misfits" and "Samhain" Kashner faded from the "Danzig", giving svoeesto Jeff Chambers. Finally,after three years as part of a reshuffle, the team has pleased fans of the new album "6:66 Satan`s Child", released on the German "Nuclear Blast". The disc turned out quite dark and evil, with some admixture of "industrial ". The subsequent European tour "Danzig" spent in the company of another former team of Glenn, "Samhain".In 2000, staff turnover continued again. At this time, the new team members are guitarist Todd Yus and bassist Howie Pyro. Published the following year a live album "Live On The Black Hand Side", consisted of records of 1992, 1994 and 2000, and the recording quality was pretty nasty. The situation was corrected with the release of the album quite good " 777 : I Luciferi". After touring in support of it as a part of " Danzig " was replaced again, this time lost to Joey Castillo drums Charlie " see X " Johnson.

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