Danila Kozlovsky

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Date of Birth: 05/03/1985

Age: 31

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

No film without Kozlovsky

Author: Andrew Puminov

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Football instead of piano

Danila Kozlovsky was born in 1985 in Moscow. His father Valery - a very well-known people in the capital with numerous regalia. Among his major achievements - the first organization in the country of the Higher School of Advertising and the first Russian Student Festival of Social Advertising. Parents divorced future star, and Daniel, and his two brothers, brought mom, Hope Zvenigorod, and stepfather. The boys loved to play pranks, and even hooliganism. Daniel has replaced several schools from which he was expelled for bad behavior.

Many educational institutions, of which drove the lively and noisy boy, were with a creative twist. However, it does not relish playing the piano, ballet visit Lyceum, dance classes and singing. Much more interesting it seemed to drive in football and to train karate lessons. However, in childhood Kozlowski entered the drama studio, mastered the saxophone and viola. And then - at the insistence of parents - as much as six years in the sea cadet corps. Initially, his mother and stepfather gave to all his children. But to finish my studies - the only one of the three - could only Daniel. The rest were expelled just six months.

From the bully to Edgar

Daniel Filming began in childhood. Curiously, the first time a boy played almost himself - played the role of bully-Denis Seliverstov sixth-grader in the popular youth series of the late 1990s - the beginning of zero `Simple istiny`. Participation in the TV project has identified all further fate of a teenager. Although the most favorable prospects for a military career, he decided to go into acting.

At the end of study in a military school a young man went to the northern capital, where he became a student of the St. Petersburg Theatre Academy, enrolling on a course of Lev Dodin. And he is preparing for the exams of his mother, the actress by training. Dodin pretty quickly spotted the talent of young boys and started giving roles in the productions of the theater. The first role was the guy in `King Edgar Lire`. Debut on the stage did not go unnoticed. Actor was awarded the prize `Golden sofit` for Best Actor.

Kozlovsky graduated from university in 2007, but began to appear regularly during his studies in the second year. However, he managed to play on the stage - 2006 was a member of the troupe Theater of Europe. Kozlowski is still playing in the performances, in which he entered as a student. Daniel is not available in `King Lire`,` Life and sudbe`, Warsaw melodii` `` Lord of muh`, `Intrigue and lyubvi`,` Cherry sade` and the latest premiere - `Gamlete`.

First success

Like many young actors, Daniel began his career with television. After the debut of child actor starred in several well-known television projects. For example, he depicted the soldier-defector in `Streets of Broken fonarey` and starred in the film adaptation of Modigliani Dina Rubina` On Upper Maslovke`.

The first notable role on the silver screen became Bormann of military sci-fi thriller `We are from buduschego`. Kozlowski first played the central character a major motion picture. And although the film at the box office was not paid off and cool received criticism after the shows on TV, he gained a lot of popularity. And most importantly - the audience and producers remembered the young actor, played the role of `black kopatelya`. First started looking for his name on the posters, and the second - to call in new movies and TV series.

In 2009th, a year after `We are from buduschego`, Daniel appeared in four projects. But the real fame came to him with the release of the 2011 painting `Duhless` in which he got the main role of Max Andreev. This adaptation of the book by Sergei Minaev waiting for a major financial success. Not only because of the fashionable novel, the original source, but also participate in the film Kozlovsky.

A lot of work

Sensational in hurry secured the film adaptation of the output of one another - `Shpion` detective, shot by Boris Akunin product. And in 2012 in rolling out `Legend

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