Danielle Wagasky

Picture of Danielle Wagasky

Age: 30

Citizenship: United States

The economy of the household

At the moment, 28-year-old Vagaski lives with her husband and two children in Las Vegas, Nevada (Las Vegas, Nevada). Spouse Vagaski, 31-year-old Jason (Jason), recently retired from the army and went to the University; the only source of household income, in fact, they are received benefits for military personnel. Interestingly, while Daniel and Jason not only got into debt, but also to set aside a little money to buy their own home in Henderson, Nevada (Henderson, Nevada).

Firmly took hold of the expenditure control by Daniel in 2009; chronicles his extremely frugal life Vagaski regularly publishes a blog. According to most of Daniel, the first steps it has helped to make the book `America`s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money`; thanks to this book Vagaski realized it might well substantially reduce their costs.

The first (and perhaps most important) step for Daniel was mastering the intricacies of cooking. Earlier Vagaski not know how to cook, in principle; everything you need is simply bought in the shop in a more or less finished form. Careful study of cookbooks helped Vagaski to learn a lot of useful - and relatively inexpensive - meals; Now Daniel buys in shops extremely useful and healthy food. Cookbooks Vagaski prefers to take in local libraries; some interesting guides Daniel gave friends.

One meal only, however, the case is by no means limited to - at the moment a lot in the house of Jason and Daniel literally made their own hands. Clothing, furniture, and even soap - all Vagaski learned to make their own, improvised and inexpensive consumables. Many managed to gain by giving up the cable; currently Vagaski watch only the most minimal set of channels.

A huge role in the organization of economic management has been a shift in the use of cash. Almost complete rejection of credit cards has helped to establish adequate control over expenditure; Unlike a number of American families, Daniel and Jason is not afraid of sudden large monthly bills by credit card - the card he used only in the most extreme cases. For shopping Vagaski selected exactly once a month; to eat her out to about $ 400.

Of course, afford to sudden impulses and unplanned purchases Daniel could no longer; According to the most Vagaski, to control such impulses proved relatively easy. Machines run by his wife and only once a month; the number of departures in `svet`, alas, had to reduce to the minimum necessary. Gasoline, by the way, is the only `avtomobilnoy` Article Vagaski flow - at the time the couple were able to resist the temptation to give up and buy a car on credit, paid in cash. No need to make regular monthly payments on loans much easier Daniel and Jason lives.

History Daniel Vagaski - the clearest example of what determination and skill to give up frills - even if seemingly integral part of life - allows worthy to exist even at a relatively modest amount. Perhaps if Vagaski example was followed by others, the next crisis could have been avoided.