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Stumbling on Happiness

Gilbert - winner of numerous awards for his teaching and research activities. Including it awarded a Guggenheim Prize and awarded the `Distinguished Scientific Award` the American Psychological Association. However, Gilbert himself said that his greatest achievement finds its position in the list of `most famous people who once escaped from the high school` where he stands just before the trumpet player Dizzy Gillespie (Dizzie Gillespie).

In one of his speeches in an accessible way, Daniel tries to tell us that, in fact, the formula of how to act in any situation, there is a long time. He appeals to the distant 1738, the year, the Dutch mathematician Daniel Bernoulli. Simplifying the Bernoulli formula, Gilbert explains that its essence lies in the fact that the expected value of any of our actions is the product of the probability that this action will allow us to get a result, the value of this result for us. It turns out that to calculate the usefulness of the result would be just, had only to evaluate and multiply these two factors.

Harvard professor argues that our understanding of what makes us happy, often wrong. In order not to be unfounded, he presented an intriguing study on refereeing and all explained in simple terms in their serious and at the same time full of sparkling humor book Stumbling on Happiness `` ( `Stumbling on Happiness`).

Gilbert said that in his ardent desire to be happy, that we will not leave throughout his life, most people are ever mistaken judgments. In the same way that optical illusions deceive our eyes, our brain, according to Daniel, systematically underestimates what is able to bestow on us. Fads our imperfect consciousness makes us very mediocre forecasters are wrong on the bill, which should take us to the summit of bliss.

Inferences Gilbert accompanied by clinical studies in the field of psychology and neuroscience. His positive psychology and `` schastevedenie Daniel presents in a joking manner, often quite justified. He makes fun of the typical manner of human behavior and to facilitate understanding of their ideas, trying to link all their thoughts to pop culture. It`s very simple and fun book `` Stumbling on Happiness, published in 2006, became a bestseller `New York Times` and has been translated into 20 languages.

The title for the book, Daniel learned from his own life. When he was 19, he decided to quit school in order to realize his dream and start writing science fiction novels. He had hoped to get into a local college to study literary skill, but all the seats were occupied. Figuratively speaking, Gilbert stumbled, and he had no choice but to go to the only available course of psychology. This completely turned his life. Dan fell in love with psychology. In 1985, he received a doctorate in social psychology, in Princeton. His work has been published in the newspaper `The New York Times`, the magazine` Time` and even used the American company `Starbucks`.

If you run through the statements of Gilbert, you may find it controversial conclusion that the happiest are the people that meet the following three factors. They have to be married, to have an annual income of 50-70 thousand. Dollars and must not have children. Gilbert argues that happiness has nothing to do with the birth of children. Moreover, Daniel says that as soon as children are born, the level of happiness in the family falls off sharply, and the state improved only after the children leave home and begin an independent life.

Gilbert, himself a father and grandfather, I am sure that adults get more pleasure from watching TV, delicious food or sport, rather than communicating with children. The strength of the relationship in a marriage depends on how happy the couple, and the psychologist sure that unmarried people poorer health and less satisfaction with life. The third factor, material prosperity, according to Gilbert, the most insignificant, but decent wages also affects the general feeling of happiness.

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