Cyrus Vance Jr

Picture of Cyrus Vance Jr

Date of birth: 14.06.1954

Age: 62

Place of birth: New York

Citizenship: United States

Manhattan District Attorney.

Cyrus Vance grew up in New York (New York City); his father, Cyrus Vance Sr. (Cyrus Vance, Sr.), was minister of the army under Presidents Kennedy (John F. Kennedy) and Johnson (Lyndon B. Johnson), Deputy Secretary of Defense under President Johnson and Secretary of State under Jimmy Carter (Jimmy Carter).

After high school, Vance went to Yale; in 1982 he received a doctorate in law at Georgetown University. When she was a law student Cyrus participated in campaigns in support of the senator from Colorado Gary Hart (Gary Hart). After graduation, Vance joined the Manhattan District Attorney`s office (Manhattan); he was appointed an assistant district attorney, and in the conduct of its affairs were quite loud and investigations - murder, organized crime, corruption, international scale fraud with works of art and much more. In addition, Vance was actively engaged in a number of issues `politicheskogo` wing and problems related to sentencing, the realization of his guilt and the organization making fair decisions in the correct form.

In 1989, Vance moved to Seattle, Washington (Seattle, Washington); in New York, he returned only in 2005. In the words of Vance, he moved first from a desire to start their own career in a new place? thus leaving out of the shadow of his father.

In 1995, Cyrus Vance was one of the founders of the company `McNaul Ebel Nawrot Helgren & Vance`; In parallel, he was engaged in teaching, speaking as an adjunct professor at the School of Law at the University of Seattle. Even after returning to New York, Vance joined the company `Morvillo, Abramowitz, Grand, Isaon, Anello & Bohrer, PC`.

In 2009, Vance said he wanted to run for the post of District Attorney of Manhattan; Cyrus is further stipulated that the post of the claim will be only after the departure of the current District Attorney Robert Morgenthau (Robert Morgenthau). After 10 days after Morgenthau officially announced his retirement, Vance announced his candidacy for the vacant post; Morgenthau himself later noted that Vance is an excellent candidate and a worthy professional. During the post fight Vance had on intra-party elections with Leslie Crocker Snyder (Leslie Crocker Snyder) and Richard Ebornom (Richard Aborn); November 3, 2009 th and Cyrus won the election with 91% of votes. Officially, he has taken up the post of Vance January 1, 2010-th. For the first few months he had gathered and reorganized a number of offices and units designed to upgrade the work of the District Attorney`s Office as a whole.

Among the most recent successful cases Vance note the story of the serial rapist who went to prison for 428 years, the story of the house tyrant (sentenced to 23 years in prison), a series of arrests of alleged pedophiles and a number of proceedings in cases of violence against the person in different forms .

Cyrus Vance, already 26 years living in a happy marriage with photographer Peggy McDonnell (Peggy McDonnell); they have two children. It is known that Vance has a license to conduct legal activity in New York, Washington state and Washington, DC (Washington, DC); it can also act before the Supreme Court, District Courts for the Southern District of New York and Western and Eastern Washington counties and courts of appeal second and ninth districts.