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Date of Birth: 1930

Age: 85

Citizenship: United States

Doctor of Physical Chemistry

Cyril Erastovich not become the first immigrant in his family; his ancestors fled Russia in 1920-m. Hyacinths himself was born in the French town of Tarascon (Tarascon), close to the Pyrenees (Pyr & # 233; n & # 233; es), in the south of France - there, close to Andorra, a small Russian colony was founded.

Leave the home of Cyril`s parents decided when the White Army was finally broken. Some time Giatsintova father studied at the University in Prague (Prague); in the end he was presented with a diploma engineer in chemistry. He and his wife, nee Martynov (by the way, is a descendant of the very Martynov, whose bullet took the life of Mikhail Lermontov), ??was invited to go to America; They, however, did not agree - in that time, many immigrants have been assured that the power of the Soviets could not hold out for long by definition, and very soon they will be able to return to the country.

In France Hyacinth moved in 1927; three years later he was born a little Cyril. The boy`s parents are strictly monitored, so that he did not forget to talk exclusively in Russian; Unfortunately, outside of his home opportunities to practice in the language of ancestors were not so much.

After a while, Kirill family moved to the town of Albi (Albi). Gradually, life began to calm their capture, but in 1939 a new war. South of France conquered the Germans did not immediately; Soon, however, the occupation has reached and Geacintov. Began shortages of food; then the family was sent to a concentration camp. Father Cyril was sent to the German city of Linz (Linz), the factory; him and went to his wife and kids. It should be noted that Hyacinth was lucky - they lived in a camp for foreign prisoners of war, but not for `ostov` contained in a much more severe conditions.

In 1945 the war ended; Cyril`s family chose to stay in Austria. The northern part of Linz, the contract was handed over to Russian; as said Geacintov Jr., Soviet troops periodically visited and the western zone of the city, possible kidnapping of former Russian officers. After having been kidnapped and Cyril`s father - fortunately, in the end he managed to get back home - the family decided it was time to move to America. Managed Hyacinth is not right; in 1949, however, the US needed new soldiers for the war in Korea, and the family`s request was granted.

In 1952 Hyacinth moved to the city of Syracuse, New York (Syracuse, New-York). They met and sheltering members of the local Russian diaspora. Pretty soon Cyril was able to find a job; Unfortunately, his father was not so lucky - prevented the lack of insurance.

Hyacinths For a while he worked at a local factory, after which his army prizvaliv - Korean War by the time all is not over yet. Some time Cyril served in the infantry, after which he was transferred to a construction battalion.

After serving position, the man returned home and enrolled at the University. He studied chemistry there; Cyril specialization became popular in the polymers of the time - and, as a result, plastic.

In 1970 Hyacinths created his own company, `DRG International, Ins`. Three years later, it is this company will organize the first exhibition of American medical equipment in Moscow. This result was especially remarkable considering the fact that on the average American USSR while not known practically nothing.

Since then, Cyril successfully doing business; He serves as one of the best in the world of intermediaries` between East and Zapadom`. Not less successful Hyacinths and performs his functions as president of the American branch of Russian Nobility Assembly.

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