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Date of Birth: 1974

Age: 41

Place of Birth: Paris

Citizenship: France

French shark of the world investment

Cyril Benoit was born in Paris (Paris), in 1974. He studied philosophy at the Ecole Normale Superieure and graduated from the University of Paris IV Sorbonne, after which his desire for self-actualization in the sector of public relations led Benoit in the state apparatus. Later, his interest shifted to business and international investment.

In 1997, Cyril was a speechwriter for former Prime Minister Laurent Fabius (Laurent Fabius), then head of the French National Assembly, and has played a key role in the development of network Fabius, occupied entirely by generating ideas through group discussion. In 2000-2002. Benoit worked in his office Fabius at the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry. In addition to this role, Cyril served as a technical advisor to the Minister of Industry Pierre Christian (Christian Pierret).

Benoit also worked in the office of Congressman Tom Lantos (Tom Lantos) in Washington, DC (Washington DC), a member of the House of Representatives from California (California) and chairman of the faction of Human Rights.

During his tenure at the Ministry of Finance of France in 2002 and 2003, Cyril was ordered to act as a coordinator of the French presidency of the club `Big Seven` and `Big Eight`, as well as to coordinate the Indian and the Mexican presidency on the forum `Big Twenty` and Asia-Europe meeting.

Benoit has contributed to the creation of the Agency`s public participation, collaborating with Jean-Pierre Jouyet (Jean-Pierre Jouyet), the current head of the State Administration of French prezidentaFransua Hollande (Francois Hollande).

In 2003, Cyril joined forces with Leon Bressler, CEO of `Unibail`, and became manager of special projects for the company. A former banker, Bressler largely Benoit helped pave the way to the world of investment and global business. Benoit has played an important role in the process of signing several notable transactions `Unibail`, including the merger` Unibail` and `Rodamco`.

Benoit - founder and president of independent investment company `Benoit & Associ & # 233; s`, which was created by him after his return from London (London) in 2011. The company `Benoit & Associes` focused on two main areas: corporate finance, in particular on cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and public relations. In iyule2012 th `Benoit & Associes` organized the alliance between the Chinese agrifood giant `Bright Food` and wine trading company `Diva`. It was the first deal between a Chinese state-owned company and the French private company from the segment of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Benoit several years as head of a think tank established by them `Vouloir la Republique`. He is a regular editor of `Huffington Post` and` Les Echos`. Cyril also became a founding member of the Franco-Israeli Foundation, a nonprofit organization established on the initiative of Jacques Chirac (Jacques Chirac) and Ariel Sharon (Ariel Sharon).

In July of 2012 Benoit was appointed to the supervisory board of the French Institute of Aspen. In June 2013, he became chairman of the university.

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