Cory Booker

Picture of Cory Booker

Date of Birth: 04/27/1969

Age: 47

Place of birth: Washington

Citizenship: United States


Booker was born in Washington, DC (Washington, DC), grew up in New Jersey, not far from Harrington Park (Harrington Park, New Jersey), 32 km north of Newark. His parents, Alfred Cary (Cary Alfred) and Carolyn Rose (Carolyn Rose), were among the first blacks representatives of the administrative board of the corporation `IBM`.

Education Booker received at Stanford (Stanford University); Cory graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor of Political Science. A year later - at the same university - Booker earned a Master`s Degree of Sociology. At Stanford Cory Booker active in sports and participated in a number of community projects.

After Stanford Booker for a Rhodes Scholarship (Rhodes Scholarship) went to study in Oxford (University of Oxford); where he received an honorary degree in American history. In 1997, Corey became a doctor of law; Booker studied jurisprudence in law school at Yale (Yale Law School).

After graduating from Yale, Booker got a job in New York City Justice Center (Urban Justice Center); In parallel, he worked with the youth organizations of Newark. In 1998, Booker won the elections in the City Council of Newark (Newark City Council); dabyprivlech attention to a number of pressing problems - such as drug dealing on the streets and accompanying this trade violence in various forms - Booker gave a 10-day hunger strike; I spent the first 10 days it is in the tent, and then - in a house on wheels. The council Cory Booker has put forward a number of quite serious proposals for Housing, youth and law enforcement issues; alas, for the most part in the voting of his proposal failed.

In 2002, Booker did not re-elected to the Board; Instead, he decided to try his luck in the mayoral election. Alas, the opponent - James Sharpe (Sharpe James) - was stronger than Booker; Booker considered `chernym` enough for this city. It should be noted that even `insufficient chernyy` Cory Booker managed to score in the elections 47% of votes.

In 2002, the Cory Booker founded narodnuyu` nekommercheskuyuorganizatsiyu `` Newark Now`, designed to show the people of the city of useful new features use city services and resources. At the same time, Booker became a partner in the law firm `Booker, Rabinowitz, Trenk, Tully, Lubetkin, DiPasquale, and Webster`.

February 11, 2006-th it was announced that Cory Booker again sent to the mayor`s election. Sharpe James in the sixth period decided not to run; Booker has become a major competitor Ronald Rice (Ronald Rice). In subsequent elections Booker literally destroyed Rice, gaining 72% of votes.

After the first week as Mayor Booker revealed to the world the 100-day reform plan in Newark; among other things, the reform of the police had to develop a system to facilitate the lives of young people and provide new employment opportunities for people with not very bright past. Introduced in October, the mayor of the budget provided for the increase of property taxes by 8.3 percent; however, for the year Cory Booker taxes has promised to leave alone (and, incidentally, kept his promise).

During his first term Booker really managed to seriously reduce crime and increase the wages of many city employees.

Second term Booker memorable feats somewhat curious - since December 28, 2010, the Booker personally responded to a request on Twitter and helped an old man to clear the driveway of snow.

April 12, 2012 th Cory Booker rescued a woman from a burning house - in the process of inhaling smoke and badly received second-degree burns. In December of 2012 Corey said that he would try at least a week to live on the minimum allowance for the purchase of products - by that time $ 30. In December, the mayor said he would claim a place in the Senate.