Constanzo Giuseppe Beschi

Picture of Constanzo Giuseppe Beschi

Date of Birth: 08/11/1680

Age: 66

Place of birth: Castiglione delle Stiviere


He was educated at the Jesuit College of Mantua, in 1698 entered the Order. He studied in Ravenna and Bologna, where on his own explicit request was sent as a missionary to India. Set sail from Lisbon in 1710 Besco arrived in Goa. From there he went immediately to the south of India, appearing in Madurai in May 1711.

In the early years of missionary Besco paid special attention to travel for the Tamil lands, studying the culture and language of the local population. The hostility of local rulers prevented him develop active, so he perfectly mastered the Tamil language, Tamil decided to integrate culture in his sermon. Following the tactics of the Jesuits in China, Besco began to wear clothing Hindu ascetic, introduced the characteristic of Indian elements in the decoration of temples built by them. In combination with his personal qualities (especially the ease with which he learned the language iosvoil Tamil customs) it gave significant results: Besco attributed baptized 12 thousand people.. In 1740, he settled on the Coromandel coast, where he died.

Despite his foreign origin, Giuseppe Costanzo Besco made an enormous contribution to the Tamil culture. He was the first Tamil grammar, some dictionaries (including Tamil-Tamil-Latin and Latin-Portuguese), and poetic creativity proved poem "Tembavani" ( "six rounds wreath"), a recognized classic of Tamil poetry. It is a huge (in 3615 verses) epic, which tells about the life of Christ in the style of traditional Indian poems about Krishna. Besco also expanded and representation of Europeans on the spiritual culture of India, translated into Latin, the sacred book of the Tamils ??"Tirukkural."

In 1968, in Madras he was a monument CJ. Besco.