Colonel Tom Parker

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Date of Birth: 06/26/1909

Age: 87

Birthplace: Breda

Citizenship: United States

The beautiful world of show business

Colonel Thomas Parker Kornelies born Andreas van Kuyk, born June 26, 1909, died January 21, 1997. He worked as the manager of Elvis Presley.

Colonel Thomas Parker was born in a provincial Dutch town of Breda. In his youth, he decided that his life is inextricably linked with the show business, became a professional manager.

At age 20, Thomas Parker passed military service in Hawaii. But he did not forget about his dream. Thomas watched razevat trends in the world of entertainment, and eventually decided to organize their own project.

One of the first companies began TomasaParkera theatrical show on Tampa. Thomas worked hard, putting his heart and soul into the presentation created by it.

Over time, the young and talented manager got powerful friends and acquaintances. A major role in the development of his career had a familiarity with Eddy Arnold. He helped Parker consolidate its success in the entertainment industry, and made him a very "tough" and a successful manager.

In 1955, Thomas Parker (Colonel Tom Parker) met with Elvis Presley. He saw in him a talented guy that can drive you crazy all over the world for its romantic ballads and rousing rhythms.

Thanks to Parker`s name Elvis Presley knows almost everyone in the world. He helped the budding star to "roll out" the hand by entering into a dangerous and beautiful world of show business. Thomas Parker replaced Elvis`s father. Singer could safely rely on calculating and cold mind his manager. He knew exactly how to make money properly and successfully carried out his plan.

Some fans of the legendary Elvis Presley believe that "Colonel" Thomas Parker blame for the singer`s death. But Parker was engaged only in doing business, he never did not interfere in the internal world of Elvis, singer If needed moral support and attention, gently Parker brought him to his senses.

In 1977, Elvis Presley died. Parker is embroiled in serious litigation with his wife.

In the 1980s, Thomas Parker moved to Las Vegas. He starts to work again in the world of entertainment. His opinion was considered and respected expert.

"Colonel" Parker Thomas (Colonel Tom Parker) died on January 21, 1997 in Las Vegas. In honor of this brilliant manager Bob Miller, governor of Nevada, announced June 25, 1994 afternoon, "Colonel" Tom Parker.

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