Clyde Chestnut Barrow

Picture of Clyde Chestnut Barrow

Date of Birth: 09/24/1909

Age: 24

Place of Birth: Dallas

Citizenship: United States

The authoritative kingpin

Clyde Barrow (Clyde Barrow, full name - Clyde Chestnut Barrow) was born in 1909 in the County of Ellis (Ellis County), not far from Dallas, Texas (Dallas, Texas). The family, which in addition to Clyde had six children, engaged in farming, but in the early 1920s moved to Dallas. There they had no property and lived on the street for as long as the father of the family - Henry Barrow (Henry Barrow) did not earn enough money to buy a tent.

For the first time Clyde was arrested in 1926 for attempting to escape from the police when he was spotted in a rented car, which he did not return on time. Soon after, he was again arrested by the police, when, together with his brother Marvin (Marvin Barrow) stole turkeys in the store.

It is known that in the period from 1927 to 1929-th man worked in different places, but this, in turn, did not prevent him earn one theft and madvezhatnichestvom. By 1929, the ninth year in the account at the Barrow was a lot of crime, enough to place him in a penal colony, which happened in April 1930. Clyde was put in jail in Texas Eastham (Eastham Unit), where, as you know, has been subjected to various sexually harassed by other prisoners. That guy in jail and committed the first murder, brutally killing his odnokamernika.

Clyde was prematurely released in February of 1932; By this time he had already become a real crime, cold and cruel. His sister Nell (Nell) so remember this: `It was something new, this, what would I never wanted to get involved. In prison it happened to him something terrible, because after 2 years he became a completely different chelovekom`.

During the following years, Clyde robbed refueling and shops, only occasionally helped his brother to rob banks. It is known that the purpose of his life was not to earn money or fame, but only trample the land of the Texas prison system.

There are many versions of how Clyde met Bonnie, but the most that is possible, that they met at a party at a mutual friend.

Together with his brothers Clyde, they settled in a small two-bedroom apartment in the city of Joplin, Missouri (Joplin, Missouri). Since ancient times the town was home to gangsters - there could easily hide in the mountains, and all the roads leading to the city were in a terrible state, which also helped gangsters disappear before the police arrived. Over the next few years, their gang, dubbed `Barrow Gang` committed many crimes, including several bank robberies, murders and numerous others.

Unlike the rest of the gang, Bonnie and Clyde, always kept to themselves, without needing anybody but each other. It saves a lot of their joint photos that Bonnie almost always embodied in theatrical poses.

After several months of police searches failed to locate the gang, and later they even managed to make a successful raid on their apartment.

It is known that after months of searching the sheriff was able to organize an ambush on one of the roads of Louisiana (Louisiana), according to which Bonnie and Clyde went for groceries. May 23 machine, in which there were Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed by police 6. It is known that has been released, at least 160 bullets, 50 of which were in the gangsters.

genuine istoriya` (Bonnie & Clyde:: The True Story) In 1992, the film `Bonnie and Clyde has been removed, which told the story in detail of life and love Bonnie and Clyde.