Claude M Bristol

Picture of Claude M Bristol

Age: 60

Citizenship: France


Born Claude M. Bristol in 1891. During World War I he served in France (France) and Germany (Germany); that`s when it happened the first time to try himself as a journalist - until 1919 he worked in the army newspaper `Stars and Stripes`.

His most famous work, `The Magic very`, Bristol, published in 1948; just more than a million books were sold - and now this work is considered to be a classic of the literature of success. Claude wrote this book, by his own admission, for the former soldiers - who are always and everywhere was quite difficult even to adjust to civilian life, not to mention achieving any way impressive results.

Bristol A few years made a living in journalism; Newspaper battered him of every persuasion - Claude has worked as a police reporter and redaktoromreligioznogo department of a large city newspaper. It is on the editorial office Bristol had a chance to talk with the representatives of virtually all the major religious movements and sects; Claude seriously interested in the essence of faith itself, and began to carefully study the literature on psychology, religion, science, metaphysics, and even magic. In the end, Bristol managed to catch something in common, like a red thread going through all esoteric concepts and religious teachings - in the faith hidden incredible power.

After several years of study questions the power of thought and belief Claude suddenly realized that even he had to be carried out research in this area - and, oddly enough, was mistaken; As it turned out, most people go through life without even knowing about what faith can bring benefits to achieve virtually any purpose. Later Bristol realized that the power of faith - including veryv itself - written before him; Unfortunately, this seemingly simple idea stubbornly did not want to put into practice.

As an example demonstrating the power of desire, Bristol often cited an episode from his own biography. During the First World was a period when Claude due to lack of cash could not afford even a cigarette; He consoled himself with a soldier that in civilian life he is sure to be a lot of money. Bristol is not just hoping for future wealth - he was absolutely confident in them; firm belief led to a worthy reward - the very next day after the demobilization Claude met with the banker, to read his biography in the local newspaper. Bristol banker offered a job - albeit modest, but let`s Claude livelihood. In his spare time, Bristol continued to adjust to the inevitable wealth in the future - and the fate of his tenacity noted.

Books by Claude - including the legendary `Magic very` - are the result of years of research methods and principles of the practical use of the hidden forces of the human mind. As already mentioned, the basis of Bristol research were his meetings with representatives of various spiritual and religious organizations.

Claude regularly performed in various clubs and public business organizations, teaching students the secrets of their techniques. Simple ideas - like `persistent and dedicated effort sweep all pregrady` and` faith, which has become a deep conviction, it helps create chudesa` - became a real revelation for many people; 50 years of the book Bristol did not lost their relevance. Now the reality of management through targeted desires is the basis of a number of esoteric teachings - including those developed and Russian authors.