Christoph Von Sigwart

Picture of Christoph Von Sigwart

Date of Birth: 03/28/1830

Age: 74

Place of birth: Tubingen

Citizenship: Germany


He was widely known for his "Logic," on which he worked from 1873 to 1878 years. In his master work, he substantiated the thesis that the logic is based on psychology and is a technical and normative doctrine of thinking.

Thinking, he said, is possible only when "individual representation objects can be held, and played again be recognized as the same as continually oscillating between spreads and we could not establish any particular relationship."

Compliance with the rules of logic, he said, does not guarantee the truth of the material is necessary, but only formal correctness. So he called the technical teaching of thinking of formal logic. The most detailed Siegwart has developed the doctrine of the judgment, the law of contradiction and denial.

The attempt Sigwart attempt a psychological study of logic has been criticized by Frege, Husserl and others.

Sigwart could not solve the problem, which he placed in front of his "logic" - to build a methodology of scientific knowledge. Stated they actually logical doctrine does not go beyond Aristotelian logic and because of this, not only does not solve, but even, in fact, and without prejudice to the specific problems of the methodology of scientific research.

Christoph Siegwart died August 4, 1904 in Tubingen.