Christine Bolden

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Age: 28

Citizenship: United States

To give birth to twins after death

Christine Bolden (Christine Bolden) was 26 years old when one day she suddenly felt a severe headache and collapsed. It turned out that two burst aneurysm, which sat quietly there for many years, perhaps since its birth in her head. This tragedy was much more terrible because at the time Christine was pregnant. Later, her boyfriend said that at the moment they walked down the street together with Kristin and her three year old son, and it was impossible to understand what happened to the young and healthy-looking woman - she seemed just fell into a deep sleep. In fact, at the moment the brain is dead, Christine.

She was taken to hospital where he hooked up to life support system, and the kids in her stomach were still alive. Doctors took an unpopular, but very humane solution - give the kids the opportunity to survive and Christine for a while in this state. So heaven had to wait for the soul of Christine, as she does not fulfill all their earthly affairs, in particular, do not give life to his two sons.

She lay on devices over a month, after which her blood pressure began to rise alarmingly, and then doctors decided - it`s time. In the 25th week of pregnancy on light there were two twin boys, Alexander (Alexander) and Nicholas (Nicholas). By the way, relatives asked doctors to cesarean section was performed without anesthesia, hoping that the pain would `razbudit` Christine. Alas, this did not happen as expected and did not like the doctors themselves - the brain Christine was long dead.

kids appreciated kaktyazheloe condition, but stable, and Christine very disconnected from life support system after the family`s consent.

`Death brings new life` (` Death has brought two new zhizni`) - under this headline article about Christine and her kids in Dailymail. This case is called a medical miracle, and relatives tried to make Kristin did not forget about as many people as possible. When Christine left her family and boyfriend, and her three other children, who now appeared at once two little brothers.

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