Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter

Picture of Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter

Date of Birth: 02/21/1961

Age: 55

Citizenship: Germany

The man with a dozen people

The fully restored biography Gerhartsraytera pretty hard, but the date of birth of the efforts of his parents to find out all the possible - Simon (Simon) and Ermengarde Gerhartsrayter (Ermengard Gerhartsreiter) claim that he was born Christian in Bergen, Germany (Bergen, Germany) February 21, 1961 th . Christian himself, by the way, says that was born February 29, 1960 th - and that his mother is an American actress Anne Carter (Ann Carter).

In 1978, Christian met with the Americans Elmer (Elmer) and Gene Kelln (Jean Kelln), travel in time for Germany. Later, Christian took the name of his new acquaintances, to get into the States - Gerhartsrayter said that Kellny he was invited to California (California). In California, however, the fraudster did not go - the shelter he found himself in Berlin, CT (Berlin, Connecticut); family Sevios (Savios) gave him shelter, and in the Christian school was arranged by impersonating an exchange student. Seviosam Gerhartsrayter lie that comes from a wealthy German family; however, over time, Americans have suspected that something was wrong and Christian kicked out.

Thereafter Gerhartsrayter he headed to California - it has long been thought to go to the actors, and the state for the novice actor seemed the most promising. Arriving in Milwaukee (Milwaukee) young man - who succeeded at that time in the name of `Gerhart` Chris (Chris Gerhart) - enrolled in the University of Wisconsin (University of Wisconsin). Soon, Chris wanted to get an official US citizen; to achieve the desired, he decided the most that neither is a simple way - through marriage.

Already in 1981 Gerhartsrayter married 22-year-old Amy Jersild Danko (Amy Jersild Duhnke). Convinced Danke Christian married next portion of inventions - in the words of Christian, a marriage could save him from a return to Germany, and the imminent involvement in the Cold War. Having played the wedding, Christian left his wife and went to California. Danko filed for divorce only in 1992.

In 1995 Gerhartsrayter married again - to American businesswoman Sandra Boss (Sandra Boss); they were married, however, Quaker marriage - no legal force did not have. Later, Sandra and Christian had a daughter. As it turned out only later, Sandra Christian also lied, saying that is a descendant of the family Rockefeller (Rockefeller). When the fraud was discovered, Boss not only filed for divorce, but also officially changed the child`s name. Judging from the stories of Sandra, the sole breadwinner in the family has it - that did not prevent Christian not only full control of the family budget, but also to try to manage the very life of his wife. Finally, to cool her husband, boss hired a private investigator - and only then realized with whom fate brought her.

July 27, 2008 th Gerhartsrayter kidnapped his own daughter; almost immediately the police got a warrant for his arrest. Arrest Christian could only August 3, 2008 th vBaltimore, Maryland (Baltimore, Maryland). After his arrest, police took Gerhartsraytera for identifying detained person; case it was much more difficult than originally expected. Gradually, the police have gathered a collection of various Christian aliases.

The trial was delayed several - Christian lawyers alternately changed several tactics (among other things, having to try to refer to the alleged insanity of the defendant).

Ultimately Gerhartsrayter was still sentenced to 4-5 years in prison for kidnapping and 2-3 years for assault. Only later did the authorities learned that the Christian - a much more dangerous criminal than it seemed at first. Further investigation linked to the Christian Gerhartsraytera killed in 1985 Californian Sohasom Jonathan (Jonathan Sohus). Official charged with murder Christian was charged with a March 15, 2011 th; on April 10 2013th Gerhartsraytera was found guilty of first-degree murder.