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Birthday : 27.04.1976 year

Age: 40 years

Place of birth : Romeo, Michigan, United States

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Chris Rulo

Original name: Chris Rouleau


Also known under the pseudonym of Blaze Ya Dead Homie. His stage persona - is the reincarnation of a street gang member killed in the late `80s, and the music is a combination of gangsta rap and horrorcore. The actor also appeared under pseudonyms and Cell Block Psycho C,It acts since 1996, working with the label `Psychopathic Records`.

Rouleau born April 27, 1976 in Romeo, Michigan. He began rapping at age 17, while still at high school Romeo High School, and played in local clubs, mostly in the eastern part of Detroit (Detroit).He then became a member of the ` 2 Krazy Devils` under the pseudonym Psycho C. His first great presentation aspiring actor gave the club ` Ritz` in Roseville (Roseville), when coupled with the rapper - Indian James Lowery (James Lowery), which became known as Anybody Killa, spoke at the opening for the Detroit hip- hop command `House of Krazees`.In 1996-1997, just before the collapse of the group, Rouleau often performed with `House of Krazees`, a member of The R.O.C. He acted as producer `Flipped Insanity`, a single album ` 2 Krazy Devils`.

Rouleau was a member of several groups, but no records were produced. When he was ready to abandon the career of the rapper ,emuudalos sign with `Psychopathic Records`, and he began his professional career on the label, initially as a member of the touring team`s infamous hip- hop group ` Insane Clown Posse`, whose texts, full of mad sadism, may have influenced the propensity to Chris horrorcore. He flashed on the album `Mostasteless` hiphop duo `Twiztid` and occasionally appeared on ` zhivyh` concerts. Under the pseudonym of Cell Block musician he played in a `Dark Lotus` and ` Psychopathic Rydas`. In 2000, Rouleau recorded a solo EP `Blaze Ya Dead Homie` of six tracks, the last track in the recording ,` Shittalkaz`, participated Eminem (Eminem).Blaze Ya Dead Homie became his new pseudonym and stage manner. The musician has toured the major cities of the United States (United States), including the debut on a bunch of ` dzhuggalo`, fans ` Insane Clown Posse` and other groups `Psychopathic Records`.

Debyuny studio album ` Rouleau 1 Less G N Da Hood` was recorded and released in 2001,following which the rapper went to several concert tours and appeared on albums by other artists of the label. October 19, 2004 Rouleau released his second album, `Colton Grundy: The Undying`, which reached the 9th position in the chart ` Billboard Top Heatseekers`, 16 - th position in the chart `Top Independent Albums`, took 57th place in the charts `Top R & B / Hip-Hop Albums`, 167 th place in the charts `Top Internet Albums` and entered the hits ` Billboard 200`. Together with James Lowery rapper formed the group `Drive-By`, releasing in 2005 the album ` Pony Down (Prelude) `. The following year, two songs Rouleau entered the video game soundtrack, ` shooter 25 To Life`, along with songs Tupac Shakur (Tupac Shakur),` Public Enemy`,`DMX`,` Geto Boys` and `Tech N9ne`. August 21, 2007 th Rouleau released his third studio album, `Clockwork Gray`, which was released on the 4th place in the chart ` Top Independent Albums` and 3rd place in the chart `Top R & B / Hip-Hop Albums`. June 22, 2010 he released his fourth and last on the album today, `Gang Rags`, debuted at 52-th line `Billboard 200`, but during the tour ` Drive-By Tour` musician released an expanded version of the album, with lyrics that are not subject to censorship.

Lyrics Rouleau, as it happens with gangsta rap, describing the delights of criminal life, and horrorcore, draws inspiration from horror movies ,quite aggressive and violent, and are influenced by `Insane Clown Posse`. The musical style can be attributed to the work of Rouleau hip hop West Coast (West Coast hip hop) end 80 - x top 90, and sometimes includes elements of rock music. The rapper also loves music `Kiss`,` Black Sabbath`, `Iron Maiden`,` Journey`, Slick Rick (Slick Rick),LL Cool Jay (LL Cool J), `Run DMC`,` N.W.A` and Ice-T

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