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American singer -songwriter, also played several roles in the movie.

Vintage rock and roll proverb says : every time should have their own Elvis. Chris Isaak fearlessly and repeatedly declared himself in an interview with the legal successor of the great King - and was right. Striking appearance a la 50s, a great voice and nostalgic hits of proof.

early yearsChris Isaak has the honor to be proud of the Californian town of Stockton - was there June 26, 1956 the singer was born. Parents of stars could not boast of high incomes, but madly in love with country music and rock and roll. The house had a huge collection of CDs of pop stars 40s - Dean MartinBing Crosby and Elvis rarest collection of early singles. All this had to listen to little Chris. Hear, hear, and imbued. In 1984, starting as an exchange student in the Japanese Pacific University, Isaac was already ingrained elvisomanom. In the breaks between lectures to enjoy your favorite music,He led tours of the local film studios and boxed. For the latest craze had to pay a broken nose, and Chris decided that the boxer will not pour out. In fact, the story with a broken nose in the box looked like this: during the school years, Chris was terribly scary guy, a girl he shied away and the only thingwhich he drew attention to himself - an unforgettable voice and guitar ballads. For example, in high school, he still won the heart of a girl, but their happiness did not last long - soon she died. Chris to forget the pain of loss, not forgiving themselves took up boxing. And fought so selflessly, that soon began to occupy the top places. But the price paid was not long in coming - in one of the fights of his nose had been broken several times. The fight then he brought to the end. Doctors performed a miracle by restoring his nose - and the world brought new Chris, whom no one recognized, and whose image has become so popular - a handsome man with sad songs and eyes full of secrets.From ugly duckling turned into a real Chris " destroyer of hearts. " Women were coming down and go away mad.

Avenue to fame

Upon his return to Stockton, he founded the rockabilly band Silvertone, naming it in honor of the six- model " Sears - Roebuck ," and became its front man. The structure includes guitarist James Calvin Wils ,bassist Rowland Salley and drummer Kenney Dale Johnson. In 1985, with the support of well-known producer of the late 60`s Eric Jacobsen SILVERTONE signed a contract with Warner Brothers, a ride on the West Coast tour and released the album "Silvertone". This drive has failed, the vocal style of Isaac criticized ,announcing his pathetic imitator of Roy Orbison. Chris offense, rolled up his sleeves. .. and set to work. All with the same team, but under his own name, he recorded the album "Chris Isaak", which still hit the coveted Top 200 billbordovsky. However, on the 194 th place, but the bread. Hardworking Chris personally wrote ten of the eleven songs. This eleventh, "Heart Full Of Soul", composed for his legendary English hitmeyker Graham Goldman, musician THE MINDBENDERS and 10ss. In October 1987, Isaac got the first hit - now all well- known ballad "Blue Hotel".This kind of " hybrid " vocal techniques Orbison and Presley combined with absolute elvisovskoy appearance. Sad charm "Blue Hotel" first appreciated for some reason only French music lovers. But in the end, the magazine USA Today has recommended the album "Chris Isaac" his readers as " the album of 1987 "indicating the growing popularity of Chris. The fame of this, however, did not suit the company Warner Brothers, who wanted quick profits. After the album "Heart Shaped World" in August 1989 did not rise above the 149 - th place in the US, the company announced the termination of the contract, explaining the move bythat dark and melancholic ballads ayzekovskie a la 50`s not commercially profitable. However, Chris was able to persuade the bosses label does not leave him to fend for themselves. The conflict settled, but Warner Bros has refused to advertise Isaac composition and forced him to make music for the movie. Director David Lynch ,Chris works have already used in the film "Blue Velvet", drew attention to the song "Wicked Game" and asked to make an instrumental version of the "Wild At Heart" with Nicolas Cage in the lead role. In addition, Isaac has composed the theme for the soap opera "Days Of Our Lives" and the movie "The Preppie Murder". He had no idea ,what movie would bring him worldwide fame. In October 1990, " Wild at Heart " reached the shtatovskih screens. Musical director of the Atlanta "Power- 99 " radio Chestnut Lie three watched the picture and was mesmerized ayzekovskoy instrumentals. team of DJs was given - to untwist the vocal version of the "Wicked Game" Album 1989and soon the example of "Power- 99 " was followed by all the state radio station, and then the country. December 15 1990goda "Wicked Game" - sexy ballad with a very beautiful guitar part in the spirit of Stephen Stillza tragic vocal anguish and great clip - left on 10th place British charts ,and Chris Isaak himself suddenly became the darling of fashion magazines - Esquire and Elle have dedicated his great articles and People proclaimed musician one of the most beautiful people in the world. 1991 was for " a modern Elvis ` triumphant. the album was re-released in 1989 for the English market of the year (called "Wicked Game") - and took the 3rd place. At home, the disc reached the 7th. "Wicked Game" located in the US 6th place, and reprinted "Blue Hotel" - on the 17th in England. Isaac received international rock award " Best Vocalist of the Year", the clip "Wicked Game" was also recognized as the best. The next year was much quieter - the singer attended just two teams concerts.actor `s career continued in 1993, when Isaac played in David Lynch`s Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me and Bernardo Bertolucci in "Little Buddha". At the same time the album "San Francisco Days" was recorded in April, which took 12th place in England, and in May - the 35th in the United States. The disc turned out weaker than the previous one - permanent sadness Isaac`s beginning to pall, a greatest hits such as "" Wicked Game " Chris was not able to play well ," romantic " Elvis period of, say, 1960, or 1962, but a fun, energetic rock king. and roll out of it obviously did not work. error status: 400Over the next year Isaac pleaded with the food company "Hunt-Wesson Inc.", which used the melody "Wicked Game" Popcorn advertising. And now - a new disc Elvis of our time. Apparently, Isaac does not intend to change its image - and winding cheerful songs we can hardly wait for him. Judge for track listing : "Walk Slow" (Go slowly) "Black Flowers" (Black flowers) , "Breaking Apart" (divided into parts) , "Speak Of The Devil" (Remember trait)

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