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Date of Birth: 07/16/1923

Age: 90

Place of birth: Newark

Citizenship: United States

Move slowly and repeatedly to return to the issue

Chris Argyris (Chris Argyris) was born in 1923 in Newark, New Jersey (Newark, New Jersey), United States.

During World War II, Chris served in the Army, received z tion lieutenant. After the war, he studied at the University of Argyris Clark (Clark University), where he was a bachelor with specialization in psychology; later, at the University of Kansas (University of Kansas) he defended his master`s degree. Doctorate he received from Cornell University (Cornell University) in 1951, the year.

The subsequent two decades Argyris worked at Yale University (Yale University). This was followed by Harvard and several business schools.

Early on Chris Argyris interested entities and organizational changes. His research in this area put the books `Man and organizatsiya` (Personality and Organization, 1964) and `The organization and innovatsiya` (Organization and Innovation, 1965).

Later he moved to interest researchers in the domain of applicability of knowledge, as well as in the sphere of organizational learning. He was interested in what is the process of accumulation and use of experience in the development of an individual. The result of these studies was the book `Organizational Learning: Perspectives Theory deystviy` (Organizational learning: A theory of action perspective), co-written with Donald A. Sean (Donald Sch & # 246; n). The book has brought both its authors universal popularity - of the theory of `single and double cycle obucheniya` set out in the work, very interested in research in the field of social psychology. In the course of their research and experiments Argyris discovered (and later described) is quite interesting trend resistance training. Thus, he was able to assume certain peculiar people `pre-programmed on the paradoxical deystviya`. He developed a theory that explains this is a natural, in his opinion, the resistance, as well as to formulate a way of transition from reflexive behavior for responsible practices. Simply put, Argyris studied in detail the question of personal development of employees from different companies, and carefully studied the protective mechanisms which, albeit unintentionally, use managers reflexively resist change. So, Argyris argues that any employee of any company has the kind of potential that can be developed as a, and, conversely, depressed by the system within which it is located, and the environment. According to Argyris, this is the `disclosure lichnosti` capacity and should result in a benefit to the employee, and the entire organization. In fact, managers and employees within the organization often lacks` credibility in the field of interpersonal otnosheniy` - it does not allow to reveal the potential of the individual.

`The best tactic to combat defense mechanisms - to move slowly and to return to the issue neodnokratno`, - the scientist considers.

Generally, Agiris was the author of more than 30 book publications, as well as a huge number (over 400) papers. Chris Argyris - winner of no less than a dozen honorary doctorates from various educational institutions, as well as the winner of many awards and honors.

Argyris was also a business consultant, he had to work a lot on `IBM`,` Shell` and `Du Pont`. They hire him, and various government organizations in the US and Europe. Chris Argyris - a member of the Advisory Council of Britain `Monitor Group`.

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