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In the mid 60s, after working as a general director of a radio station WBAI in New York ,part of the Pacifica network, Albertson moved to the BBC in London (London) as a consultant, to adapt the format of the British radio for sale in North America (North America).

Chris Albertson born October 18, 1931 in Reykjavik (Reykjavik) and studied in Iceland (Iceland), Denmark (Denmark) and the UK (England),after which he studied commercial art in Copenhagen (Copenhagen). In 1947, Albertson made a discovery that changed his life : he had overheard in the Danish Radio recording of American blues singer Bessie Smith (Bessie Smith), that awakened in the young man a keen interest in jazz and blues. In 1953m he managed with a home tape recorder to record performances of British jazz musicians Ken Collier (Ken Colyer), Chris Barber (Chris Barber) and Lonnie Donegan (Lonnie Donegan), and these entries later went on the Danish label `Storyville Records` and British ` Tempo Records ` and still remain in the studio directory.He spent two years as a DJ on the radio Icelandic army airbase of Keflavik (Keflavik Air Base), and in 1957 emigrated to the United States (United States), received six years later an American citizen. Albertson found work on commercial radio WCAU in Philadelphia (Philadelphia) and WHAT-FM, 24 hours a day to broadcast the Jazz. For these stations, he held a number of interviews, including rare - Lester Young (Lester Young) - one of only two surviving an interview with the legendary tenor saxophonist.

In 1960-1961 he worked as a producer in the studio `Riverside Records` and had a great deal. Albertson organized and recorded the last session of the blues singer Ida Cox (Ida Cox),became the album `Blues For Rampart Street`. Ida by this time was already 65 years old and completed his performing career, but Chris persuaded her to return to farewell records. The second surprise for the fans began to write the legendary boogie woogie pianist Meade Lux Lewis (Meade Lux Lewis).He was also responsible for the release of the famous series `Living Legends`, whose first albums were recorded in New Orleans (New Orleans) with the participation of the pioneers of jazz as a pianist Sweet Emma Barrett (Sweet Emma Barrett), clarinetist Louis Cottrell Jr. (Louis Cottrell, Jr.), trumpeter Humphrey Percy (Percy Humphrey) and Thomas Kyd (Kid Thomas),blues duo Billy and Dede Pierce (Billie & Dede Pierce) and trombonist Jim Robinson (Jim Robinson). Chris continued the series in Chicago (Chicago) with performances by Lil Armstrong (Lil Armstrong), Alberta Hunter (Alberta Hunter), Little Brother Montgomery (Little Brother Montgomery) and Earl Hines (Earl Hines).Albertson then worked as a producer on `Prestige Records` and organized the session, in particular, the guitarist and singer Lonnie Johnson (Lonnie Johnson), which he pulled out of obscurity, while working in Philadelphia. He also founded his own production company, which has worked with Howard McGhee (Howard McGhee), Roy Eldridge (Roy Eldridge),Bud Freeman (Bud Freeman), Ray Bryant (Ray Bryant) and Elmer Snowden (Elmer Snowden). In the mid 60s, after working as CEO WBAI radio station in New York, part of the Pacifica network, Albertson moved to the BBC in London (London) as a consultant ,to adapt the format of the British radio for sale in North America (North America).

In 1971, Chris has been a leading and one of the producers of `The Jazz Set`, a weekly TV program, which was published throughout the United States (United States), and received guests such as Charles Mingus (Charles Mingus), Bill Evans (Bill Evans) Randy Weston (Randy Weston), Jimmy Heath (Jimmy Heath) and Ray Bryant (Ray Bryant). At the same time he was engaged to release reissues `Columbia Records`, including a complete collection of songs of Bessie Smith. This work earned two awards Albertson ` Gremmi` (Grammy award), Award ` Billboard Trendsetter Award` and Granat Jazz Festival in Montreux (Montreux Jazz Festival). In 1972, Chris came out written biography of Bessie Smith, and in 2003 the publishing house `Yale University Press` released a revised and expanded version of the book. In addition, he worked on the creation of several documentary films about jazz, including `The Story of Jazz` and ` My Castle`s Rocking`,published articles and reviews in various publications, including the `Saturday Review` and ` Down Beat`, and for 28 years was the editor of the magazine `Stereo Review`.

In recent years, Albertson, who lives in New York, has been actively involved in the development of several Internet resources dedicated to jazz, and is working on his autobiography.

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