Charlotte Bunch

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Date of Birth: 10/13/1944

Age: 72

Place of birth: North Carolina

Citizenship: United States


Charlotte Bunch was born October 13, 1944 in North Carolina, USA, grew up in New Mexico. After graduating with honors from Duke University in 1966 with a degree of "Bachelor" on the history and political science, she started working at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington.

V1974 she created and became the editor of the "Quest", a feminist magazine, one of the first and leading magazines, busy analyzing the situation of women in society and policy makers to improve it.

She has been studying the problems in education and social change.

In 1989, she founded the "World Women`s Leadership Center" at Douglass College, Rutgers University, where she became the executive director.

The work of Professor Bunch involves the application of the theory of feminist theory to public policy issues, especially at the international level. She currently works on human rights analysis and understanding of the development, which includes a full lives of women and has been studying the problem of violence against women, both from the theoretical position, and in practice. Her other social work is focused on the problems of gender discrimination and international development.

Bunch creates an international community of women united by common interests, rather educated and experienced, and ready for action. Her fiery speeches, organization of international conferences were the catalyst for the activity of women`s human rights movement.

It has played a crucial role in the adoption of the UN Conference on Human Rights in Vienna in 1993 and the UN Conference in Beijing in 1995. The resolutions odobryavshihpravozaschitnuyu activities of women.

Bunch contribution to the development of the concept and organization of the movement for women`s rights has received general acceptance. In October 1996, Bunch has been included in the "National Excellent Women`s Hall of Fame." In December 1999, she won the Eleanor "human rights" Roosevelt, on the initiative of the President of the United States Bill Clinton.

In 2000, for his work Bunch named one of the "21 Leaders for the 21st Century".

It is marked by the award-winning National Research Council of women`s issues, and the Board of Trustees, "For outstanding achievements in the field of research at Rutgers University.

She was a consultant in many parts of the United Nations, and was involved in the Advisory Committee of the UN Secretary General in the preparation of the "Report of the General Assembly on the issue of violence against women" in 2006.

Bunch is a member of boards of numerous human rights organizations, is currently a member of the Advisory Committee "Monitoring the observance of human rights" department "Women`s Rights", as well as the board of directors "of the Global Fund for Women" and "International Council for Policies human rights. " She is the author of several books and articles, including the UN reports and reviews of the World Conference against Racism. Among her books, there are two, which have become classics: "Feminist Theory in Action" and "The requirement of the report: The Global Campaign and Vienna Tribunal on Human Rights in relation to women."

Currently, Charlotte Bunch is the university courses on human rights and issues of sex discrimination.

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