Charles Gerhardt

Picture of Charles Gerhardt

Date of Birth: 08/21/1816

Age: 39

Place of birth: Alsace

Citizenship: France


Initial education received in a Protestant seminary of his native city, in the fifteen years he entered the Polytechnic School in Karlsruhe; it was there that he acquired a love of chemistry. Father Gerard owned chemical plant near Strasbourg; Charles Gerard, after completing the course in 1832, was supposed to go to Leipzig to study Economics.

However, the propensity to chemistry led him to attend lectures and laboratory of Professor Erdmann, and here finally determined the direction of its future activities. At the same time, before you get on the chosen path, Gerard was forced to make a hard struggle with his father`s will. In 1835, Gerard ran away from his father`s house and entered the Lancers in Gaggenau; here spare time he devoted to chemistry, but soon bought off from the service and went to Hesse. It attracted him glory Justus Liebig, under whose supervision for three years, he has worked with great success in chemistry.

Having passed the university exam, Gerard went to Paris, without having almost no cash. In Paris, Gerard took very good Tenar and Dumas. Giving lessons of chemistry and translating the works of Liebig, Gerard was interrupted for some time, devoting his main forces of chemical research. He was persuaded to improve its financial position, to acquire a doctorate. In 1841, dvadtsatichetyr