Charles Brandes

Picture of Charles Brandes

Date of Birth: 1943

Age: 72

Place of birth: San Diego

Citizenship: United States


American billionaire and entrepreneur, as well as - the founder of Brandes Investment Partners a large investment company. Several years ago, his net worth was estimated by Forbes magazine at about 2.0 billion dollars. The same edition of Charles placed at one of the places in the ranking of the wealthiest and most influential people in the world.

Charles Brendes native of San Diego (CA). At the time, he graduated from the University of Berkeley - Bucknell University and was awarded an honorary bachelor`s degree in science and arts.

In 1974, the year being dovolno-taki uspeshnymuchenikom famous Benjamin Graham, Charles Brendes founded investment company - Brandes Investment Partners, which soon turned into one of the leading financial institutions. For example, several years ago the company`s assets amounted to more than a hundred billion dollars.

During the lifetime of the company to its employees, professionals and management, including, strictly followed the principles of Benjamin Graham and strategies, adapting them to the factors of the current market, at the same time - without changing the base philosophy. Much of the activity of the company otlichaetsya from similar organizations. Culture in Brandes Investment Partners is based on cooperation, mutual cooperation and the strict fulfillment of their commitments. In addition, the organization is characterized by high morals and stability in the existing business practices.

To date, Brandes - a global investment advisory firm, whose clients are the representatives of different countries around the world. The company is working on the world market for over thirty years, and during this period has reached great success.

Head of Charles Brendes clearly and very specifically formulated conditions for a long and very successful activities of the organization Brandes Investment Partners in the future. First and foremost is the lack of desire for short-term profits, and - the independence of the company, professional and constructive control of its growth.

Currently, Charles is a member of the Board of the Research Institute Salk Institute for Biological Studies, as well - has been actively involved in the management of another research institution - Whittier Institute for Diabetic Research.