Cesare Cantu

Picture of Cesare Cantu

Date of Birth: 05/12/1804

Age: 90

Place of birth: Brivio

Citizenship: Italy


Cesare Cantu (Cesare Cantu) was born in 1804 in Brivio, Lombardia (Brivio, in Lombardy). Kant began his career as a teacher. His first public literary experience was published in 1828 romantic poem `Algiso, o la Lega Lombarda`, in 1876, it was reprinted in Milan (Milan). A year after the first, went `Storia della citt & # 224 in the 1829-m; e della diocesi di Como`, and then he began to make a living literature. At that time, his father died, Cesare, and because it was not easy - you need to help a large family. So, Cesare worked for both the teacher and did not miss any chance to earn extra money. He was then thoroughly imbued with the spirit of romanticism, and his fervent literary activity and anti-Austrian views soon drew upon him the attention of police. In 1833, Cantu was arrested - his name was involved in a loud political scandal. We know what to write in prison, where Cesare threw, it was not allowed, but he still managed to be a writer, and in the dungeons - novel `Margherita Pusterla` (` Margarita Pusterla`) was written was in prison. Later this historical novel, which he wrote with slivers of burning candle on the cloth, found himself a well-known, has been translated into several languages ??and earned him real fame.

A year later, Cantu was released, and he continued to write much, since he was removed from teaching. In 1836, the publisher Giuseppe Pombo (Giuseppe Pomba) commissioned him to write a historical work, something universal, capable of attracting diverse readership. Thus, the most notable difficulty Cantu became somewhat chaotic, but very exciting Universal istoriya` `(` Storia universale`), first published in 35 volumes. Books withstood a record number of editions and their translation into French, English, German, Polish and other languages. Later, Kant wrote a sequel to `Universal istorii`, and as a result these works brought to the author`s financial well-being and nation-wide fame. It is believed that the book Kant sinful excessive moralizing, and are not accurate historically, in the forefront of them nominated by the religious tenets. Whatever it was, it is the popularity of his literary creations are not diminished.

Besides `Universal istorii` Cesare Cantu also known for his book` Gli eretici d`Italia` (1873); `Cronistoria dell`Indipendenza italiana` (1872-1877); `Il Conciliatore ei carbonari` (1878). It is known that Kant also wrote about Byron (Lord Byron), Victor Hugo (Victor Hugo) and German literature.

From 1861 to 1867 he taught Kant again, and was also a member of parliament, controlling the State Archives in Milan; he also served as president of the Lombard Historical Society (Lombard historical society) and became the founder of the Lombard Historical Archive (Lombard archives).

Cesare Cantu died March 15, 1895.

Besides literary works Cesare Cantu is known for its numerous and winged phrases and aphorisms, one of which is: `false teachings worse than ignorance. Ignorance - a bare field that you can cultivate and sow; false teachings - a field overgrown with couch grass, weed which almost nevozmozhno`.