Catherine Shipe East

Picture of Catherine Shipe East

Date of Birth: 05/15/1916

Age: 80

Place of birth: Barbursvill

Citizenship: United States


Catherine was born in Barbursville, West Virginia (Barboursville, West Virginia), in the family Woody Bertha (Bertha Woody) and Ulysses S. Grant Shaypa (Ulysses Grant Shipe); Catherine was the eldest of three children. When she was only 11 years old, her mother suffered a heavy nervous breakdown; even after 4 years Ulysses Shayp committed suicide. Katherine became the de facto head of the family and was forced to take up the job search. Unfortunately for women at that time there was little employment options; Katherine had thought to be a teacher, but the Faculty of Education College Marshall (Marshall College) to finish it could not - did not have enough money.

In 1937, Catherine married Charles Ista (Charles East); in 1939 she managed to get a place in the Civic Committee (US Civil Service Commission). Finansovoepolozhenie it soon had improved; in 1943, the East even received a bachelor`s degree.

The governmental committee Katherine accustomed pretty quickly; starting as a junior auditor, it pretty quickly rose to the post of head of department.

In 1977, the East has worked in the Department of Labor (Department of Labor). Later she became a technical advisor to the Presidential Commission on Women`s Rights (President`s Commission on the Status of Women); some time after that, she took part in the research project `American Women`.

Under President Kennedy (John F. Kennedy) East served as executive secretary of two organizations who have studied women `vopros` - cross-department of Women`s Rights Committee (Interdepartmental Committee on the Status of Women) and the Civil Advisory Council on Women`s Rights (Citizen`s Advisory Council on the Status of Women).

Catherine was not only highly active social and political activist - she gently supplying American feminists government secrets. East sincerely believed that women just need a really strong workers` organization - comparable with the same National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). It is convinced Catherine Betty Friedan (Betty Friedan) to create a national women`s organizations (National Organization for Women) - movement that can affect the performance of the government.

Service in Katherine left the government in 1977; with this momentaona could fully concentrate on his work in the feminist movement.

East played an important role in promoting the Nineteenth Amendment, assuming equal voting rights for men and women, in the territory of Virginia (Virginia). Catherine participated in the presidential campaign of John Anderson (John Anderson); run by her was, of course, the same `female vopros`.

In the period from 1979 to 1983rd Catherine East sits on the board of the National Organization of legal protection of women and education (National Organization for Women`s Legal Defense and Education Fund).

A considerable part of his life, Catherine held in Arlington, Virginia (Arlington, VA); at the beginning of 1996, the East moved to Ithaca, New York (Ithaca, NY), to the youngest daughter. Catherine died on East 17th August 1996.