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Date of Birth: 01/18/1904

Age: 82

Place of birth: Bristol

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The gentleman from Hollywood

Author: Andrew Puminov

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The Early Years

Childhood and adolescence Cary Grant shrouded in mystery. It is known that he was born on January 18, 1904 in the English city of Bristol under the name of Archibald Alexander Leach. My parents were poor and almost not engaged in education of her son. There is a version that Archibald was a foster child. This is indicated not typical for the British dark skin and dark eyes. As a child, he took all of the Spaniard or Italian.

When Archie was 10 years old, his mother lost her mind, and she was sent to hospital. The father told his son that his mother had died and brought home another woman. The already irritable and nervous, the young man even more estranged from the family hearth. His home was the street. Archie spent much time with vagrants and musicians, loitering near a cheap and variety theaters.

In 16 years, Archibald Leach joined the troupe of wandering acrobats and with them went to America. There he waited for a completely different life. The Great Depression did not spare anyone but Hollywood. Film Business flourished, which has a logical explanation: people wanted to forget the horrors of war, the economic ruin. They wanted a fairy tale, and it gave Hollywood. Here you can find a job, so Archie went to California.

The guy took 10 years to prove that he is capable of anything. The problem was not only in its complete ignorance, but also in a terrible accent, spoken by all the English `nizy`. In an effort to learn the language of high society, it appeared an unusual accent, similar to the Australian dialect. As a result, friends started calling him `Kenguru`.

Start a career

For a long time Archie was selling neckties and worked as an extra, while in 1932 he was not lucky. At one audition actresses Leach served as a partner and the producer liked. Film `Paramount Pictures` offered him a contract for 5 years and gave a list of the most resounding names and surnames. So Archibald Leach became Cary Grant.

In 1932, the newly-actor made his debut in the musical `That this noch`. A year later it was waiting for the first success. The then star Mae West demanded that it was Grant became her partner in the film `She treated him nechestno` (1933). The picture was a great success, and critics first talked about Grant acting abilities. In 1934 he once again appeared on the screen along with the West in the film `I`m not angel`.

Carey gained weight in Hollywood, and soon the girls began to run after him. Tall, elegant, tan with exotic and unusual accent, he was like a visiting millionaire foreigner, but not to the actor-lover of a poor English family. So when he saw the actress Virginia Cherrill, then fell in love at first sight.

Cherrill was known for the role of a blind flower girl in the film Charlie Chaplin`s` Lights goroda`. Grant few months caring for her, and in 1934 they married. However, their marriage did not last, and one year. Virginia left her husband, saying that he is a psychopath and an insufferable man. According to the actress, Carey was jealous of her to such an extent that did not hesitate to battering. Of course, he denied everything Grant.

In 1935, after the end of contract with `Paramount Pictures`, an actor on the renegotiated its unprecedented conditions. He could participate in projects of other studios and choose the role yourself. This independence cost him that the company had never lobbied for their interests. As a result, his career Grant has not received `Oskara` for a specific role in the film.

World fame

After her divorce from Virginia Cary Grant focused on the job, and his career went vverh.V 1935 he first appeared on screen in tandem with Katharine Hepburn in the film `Sylvia Skarlett`. Their duet liked by the audience and was the beginning of a fruitful collaboration. In 1938, they played together in a madcap comedy `Education kroshki`. the film was a phenomenal success, once again proving the outstanding talent of the Grant.

40s were even more successful. The role of Dexter Haven in the film `istoriya` Philadelphia (1940) Grant glorified far beyond America. The film became very popular and to this day remains one of the best love stories. Then, two years in a row the actor nominated for `Oscar`, first for his role in the psychological drama `serenada` Penny (1941) and then for the film` Only lonely serdtse` (1942). As Grant said, this was the best role of his career.

Great popularity Cary Grant and promoted its cooperation with director Alfred Hitchcock - the master of suspense and psychological thriller. Once Hitchcock admitted that he did not like at all to shoot the actors except for Grant. It fits well into the world of the director, which was dominated by a boundless fear, tension and `cold blondinki`. The actor starred in four films of Hitchcock, of which the best known `Podozrenie` (1941) and `North by North zapad` (1959).

Life Cary Grant was full of scandals. In 1942, the actor married the heiress to a large fortune Barbara Hutton. Carey strongly denies the rumors that he concluded a marriage of convenience, but their union had such resonance that they were soon nicknamed `Cash and Cary`. Three years later they were divorced, and Grant fell into a depression. He began to drink, gradually slipping into the abyss of desperation.

Who knows what would have resulted in the abuse of alcohol and drugs (it is known that the actor tried LSD), if the grant is not met Betsy Drake - twenty-three beauty from an educated family. Her father was a writer, and the girl herself composing radio plays, studied astronomy and engaged in yoga. In 1949, they were married and lived together for 12 years. Their union seemed strong, but another affair Grant and destroyed the marriage. It is noteworthy that the actress Sophia Loren, which is so sought Carey denied him by producer Carlo Ponti. The actor was left without family and without the woman he loved.

In the 50s Grant began to appear on the screen much less frequently. He worked at his pleasure, and most of the time spent with Hitchcock. By the way, Ian Fleming used to say that it is the image of Grant in the movie Hitchcock served as the prototype of James Bond. Fleming even recommended the actor for the lead role in the first part of `bondiany`, but he refused because of his advanced age.

The last great film, Carey became a detective `Sharada` (1963), where he played with Audrey Hepburn. In 1970, the actor was awarded an honorary `Oscar`.

Cary Grant was married twice: to Dyan Cannon that gave him a daughter, Jennifer, and Barbara Harris. With Barbara, which was under the Grant for 46 years, he married in 1981. They were quiet measured life in California to the death of the actor. It happened in 1986, during the farewell tour of America.

November 29 at a meeting with fans of Grant became ill and was taken to the hospital. That same night he died of a massive stroke.

The actor has always hit his wit and sense of humor. Once, when he heard that all the guys want to be like Cary Grant, then he replied that wants to be like him. And in the end he succeeded. Actor coped with failure Archie Leach and got everything out of life that I wanted.

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