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Citizenship: Grenada


Carline Glyn was born in Grenada, the island nation, which is located in the Caribbean Sea. His professional career began in 1950, the year. Then he worked as a teacher in a Roman Catholic school St. Johns St. John`s Roman Catholic School.

Later Glyn went to Canada, where he enrolled in the University of Calgary Calgary University, after which, in 1970, the year, was awarded an honorary diploma and a bachelor`s degree in education. That same year, the future politician returned to his home in Grenada, and began teaching at the College of Grenada Teachers College.Po After a few more years Carline again went to Canada and continued to learn. Soon he received a master`s degree in education, and for some time he worked in various educational institutions, including the Teachers College College, University of the West Indies University in Barbados, as well as the examination committee Caribbean Examinations Council (where he worked as as an assistant chief examiner ).

Later Carline Glyn was elected to the Senate, and from 1990 to 1995, the first year worked as the Minister of Education. In addition, for eight years, he was in the organization New Life Organization, performing voluntary trustee functions. Also, for almost ten years, Glyn was active in the Committee on Hills View Management.

At the present time His Excellency Carlyle Arnold Glean is the fifth Governor General of Grenada. He was sworn in at a ceremony in the center of the Grenada Trade Center.

Today, Glyn is considered one of the most respected, educated and capable politicians. Despite the fact that for many years the Governor General was far from politics, in the current period it is perfectly cope with their own obligations.

Of great importance in the formation of the character of Clay played his long pedagogical activity. At all times, Carlisle was considered excellent teacher and a subtle psychologist, and its natural qualities - modesty, responsibility and commitment - only emphasized the fullness of life.

Dear Carlisle was able to establish itself in the best way, and therefore easily won a new position in society, intending in a short time and in this field to achieve a great deal - for the benefit of the state.