Carl Brandes

Picture of Carl Brandes

Date of Birth: 10/21/1847

Age: 84

Place of birth: Copenhagen

Citizenship: Denmark


Born Edward Brandes in Copenhagen (Copenhagen). The University of Edward Brandes studied comparative philology; special interest he aroused oriental languages ??- in particular, the Persian and Sanskrit. Later, Edward got a PhD in Oriental languages.

With Philology Brandes later switched to literature - the ability of some of the playwright had indeed attended. Edward started with the translation - from the same Sanskrit; later he began to create their own works. Perhaps he would be able to achieve really significant success; in the `70s, however, Brandes suddenly went into politics.

In the period from 1880 to 1894-th Brandes was in the Folketing (the Danish national parliament); he was the representative of the Conservative Party liberal Venstre (Venstre). Along with Viggo Horupom (Viggo H & # 248; rup) and Christen Berg (Christen Berg) Brandes edited the newspaper `Morgenbladet`, related party pretty close-knit. He has held the post of editorial Brandeis from 1880 till 1883rd; in 1883 Berg quarreled with Brandes and Horupom - editors are not able to agree otochkah view, which held newspaper - and fired them both.

In 1884 Brandes - with Horupom and Herman Bing (Hermann Bing) - founded the newspaper `Politiken`. The new edition of Brandes quite actively promoted literature supporting his own political views and criticized the literature near the National Liberals. Pretty strong dislike Brandes had for fans and imitators Nikolai Grundtvig (Nikolaj Grundtvig). The rigidity of the critics did not even reduced by the fact that some of the works he openly admitted Brandes pretty well written. Despite the apparent political bias, Edvard Brandes played a major role in the development of the Danish literary criticism.

In the ranks of Det Radikale Venstre Edvard Brandes came in 1905, shortly after its foundation; Brandes was listed in the county council of the Venstre c of 1906 to 1927 minutes. From 1909 to 1910-th Edvard Brandes served as Minister of Finance; returned to this position, he in 1913 - this time for seven years, until 1920.

Edvard Brandes accounted father-Norwegian chemist Georg Dedihenu (Georg Dedichen).