Bruno Richard Hauptmann

Picture of Bruno Richard Hauptmann

Date of Birth: 11/26/1899

Age: 36

Place of birth: Kamenz

Citizenship: United States


After the war, he stood on a criminal path, was convicted in 1919 and arrested again three years later, but managed to escape before the trial. In 1923 he was arrested twice in the United States for illegal entry into the country. Name Hauptmann became known in connection with the case of the abduction in March 1932, the juvenile son of the famous aviator Charles Lindbergh and his murder, in spite of the passed redemption.

Two and a half since the year after the kidnapping and murder of Hauptmann was arrested as a thief child. The offender was caught when he tried to pay at the gas station one of the notes previously received as a ransom for the child. Hauptmann tried to put the blame on his friend IsidoraFIShA, who had already left Germany and died there, but found the evidence to convince the court of the guilt of Hauptmann. In April 1936, he was executed in the electric chair, although until the last moment, he swore his innocence.