Bruce Golding

Picture of Bruce Golding

Date of Birth: 05/12/1947

Age: 68

Nationality: Jamaica


Bruce Golding was born in a respected and prominent family. His father, Tasius Golding, several times elected to the Parliament of Jamaica. And since 1962, Golding Sr. was the speaker of parliament. Naturally, the son decided to follow in the footsteps of his father. Until 1995, Golding was a member of "Labour Party of Jamaica," and even led it until his political views, not parted with the views of other members of the party. In 1995 he resigned from the "Labour Party of Jamaica" and founded his own party - the "National Democratic Movement". To him also joined by some former comrades-Labour.

In 2002, the passions subsided, and Bruce Golding has decided to return to the "Labour Party of Jamaica", and in November 2003 he was re-elected chairman of the party. After winning the national elections in 2007, Golding was elected party leader, succeeding Edward SEAGA, and automatically became Prime Minister of Jamaica.

Currently, Bruce Golding is not only the prime minister, but also an active member of a local parliament. It also conducts its own monthly socio-political television show