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Excellent American athlete, a talented swimmer. Its sport - synchronized swimming. Brooke speaks in the team and is considered one of the strongest and athletes in this category. Currently swimmer takes part in the Summer Olympics, which take place in the capital of China - Beijing.

Brooke Abel was born in California on 15 February 1988. (ibid lives in the current period). Synchronized swimming Brooke started in the age of ten, when her parents accidentally witnessed the selection of girls - to synchronized swimming. Then - they (consensual) added the name of his daughter in the list, and since then it has become a real fan of the sport and a real ace. Soon athlete became a member of the club Riverside Aquettes and began to climb up the career ladder of sports.

In the year 2006 it has become a competitive athlete strong person, to the same - the only swimmer that has managed to qualify, while in junior and senior national teams. In the same way - the year 2006 -athlete graduated from high school and got her first - so significant - the diploma.

In general, the talented athlete not only in sports, but also able to learn other sciences. She has a lot of additional interest, including wood carvings, for example. She goes into the house of their own -beloved - his grandfather, and it creates a truly wonderful things out of wood. Granddaughter grandfather meets almost every week - a hobby has become their favorite pastime.

Generally, Brooke Abel supported by all members of the family. And my mother - the most. The fact that Brooke `s mother to her first day of training synchronized swimming, accompanied by daughter on training. Sometimes it turned out so that the mother of the young athletes helped coach. After some time, he received from the leadership of the club offer their own coaching team. Brooke `s mother accepted the offer and soon began to lead a group of synchronized swimming in Seattle. During yet another short-lived boxing career Olimpiyki Brooke Abel participated in such competitions as the U.S. National Championships, Junior National Championships, Pan American Games, and in many other

Competition. Now - it is the turn of the Olympics of 2008, which will be another important milestone in the sporting life of Brooke.

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