Bronislav Grombchevskij

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Citizenship: Russia


Grombchevski (Bronislaw Lyudvigovich) - traveler; was born in 1855. Upon graduation in high school, he entered a cadet in the infantry regiment. Produced by an officer, he was transferred to serve in Turkestan, 14 Turkestan line battalion; It was orderly with MD Skobelev, then at a nyaze Wittgenstein; Alai participated in the campaign in 1876 and 1878 in Samarkand in 1880 Grombchevski entered the service on military and national management and was appointed assistant chief Margelan County. In this role, he studied Grombchevski vernaculars and mastered Sart and Tajik languages. In 1885, as a senior official of special assignments for the military province of Fergana region, Grombchevskiykomandirovan in Kashgar and in the Tien Shan, in order to verify the border with China; This trip gave him the opportunity to see some very interesting localities Kashgaria (Khotan, and so on. n.) shoot almost 1,000 miles way, and to submit a report, for which the author was awarded the silver medal of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society. In 1886 Grombchevski explored the upper reaches of the Syr Darya, the Naryn and Susamyr and Fergana ridges and Alexander. Taking up the Pamirs explored part of the Hindu Kush, some sources of the Indus, Kandzhut, part Mustag pool Raskemdari and Kashgar ridge at St. Petersburg University astronomy, Grombchevski in 1888. Total was completed more than 2,800 miles, at very little or unexplored areas; route survey done 1383 miles, identified 14 items and 158 astronomical heights barometer, and removed 150 photographic images, jade deposits discovered, investigated and collected the top of Charkum very diverse collections. During the expedition Grombchevski received from the Imperial Russian Geographical Society`s gold medal. In 1889 Grombchevski explored part of Karategin and Darwaza, Pamir and Hindu Kush to the Wachau, north-western Tibet and Kashgar. Survey carried out over 7200 miles, astronomical points determined 73, barometric altitude 351; made numerous observations and collected a rich, highly varied collections. Some of the results processed AI Voeikov and AA Tillo and placed in the publication of the Imperial Geographical Society, the entomological collections processed A. Semenov ( "Diagnoses Coleopterorum novorum ex Asia Centrali et Orlentali", St. Petersburg, 1889 - 1890). Body all materials produced expeditions Grombchevski, is currently being prepared for publication by the author. During the last expedition Grombchevski promoted to lieutenant colonel. In 1891 Grombchevski participated in the Turkmen visit the Governor General on the Pamirs, and in 1892, together with ions - a detour of the Pamirs. Grombchevski was chief of the Osh district of Ferghana region. From 1903, he was governor of Astrakhan and Astrakhan ataman Cossack troops, died in 1905