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Anthony Ray Briley (Anthony Ray Briley), James Briley Jr. (James `JB` Briley, Jr.) and Linwood Briley (Linwood Briley) were born and grew up in a normal, stable family, with both parents, in Richmond. The neighbors knew them like a good boy, always ready to mow the lawn or help with car repairs.

It is noteworthy that the brothers loved exotic animals such as tarantulas, piranhas, and boas, and, in addition, later it was reported that all three of them was peculiar sadism towards these animals.

In 1971, 16-year-old Linwood committed the first murder - he took aim from the window of the house and shot in their elderly neighbor Orlin Christian (Orline Christian); shot proved fatal. Linwood admitted only after when the police found the murder weapon, he did not show remorse at the same time, seeing that the old man still had a heart problem, and he had to live and so long.

Lyndon was sent for a year to reform special school, and soon there zheposledoval and his younger brother James, for having pulled out a gun and fired at police during the chase.

7 months of 1979 forced the literally shudder whole district when the trio of brothers having fun, killing innocent and defenseless people.

The first victims were an elderly couple, William and Virginia Baker (William and Virginia Bucher), whose violent youths left bound in gasoline and doused the flame-ridden home. Pre brothers cleaned the house, choosing the most precious things and not disdained even the decorations associated elderly who posryvali with them. However, fortunately, they did not know at the time that William was able to manage to free himself from the ropes and save himself and his wife. As it turned out, Mr. and Mrs. Baker were the only survivors after the meeting with the brothers Briley.

McDuffie Michael (Michael McDuffie) was killed in his home country on March 21. His house was also robbed.

April 9 was the victim of Briley 76-year-old Maria Gowen (Mary Gowen), found raped, and robbed the dead.

17-year-old Christopher Phillips (Christopher Philips) met on the way the criminal trio 4th of July.

John Gallagher (John Gallaher) was killed 14 Behold ntyabrya, returning from a nightclub where he worked as a DJ. His brother`s body was thrown into the water and found a guy just a few days later. When arrested, Lynwood continues to wear the ring finger shot with Gallagher.

The unfortunate 62-year-old Mary Uilfong (Mary Wilfong) brothers scored a baseball bat, and then also robbed her house.

Blanche Paige and Charles Garner (Blanche Page and Charles Garner) caught criminals in October - the result was a double murder, a particularly brutal.

The latest victims of brutal criminals has become a family Wilkerson (The Wilkerson family); crime happened on 19 October. They did not spare pregnant Judy Barton (Judy Barton), five year old boy, and of the house owner, Harvey Wilkerson (Harvey Wilkerson). Scary, but Briley brothers raped a pregnant Judy in front of the whole family.

Sentences Briley brothers were different - investigate carefully to determine the degree of participation and the guilt of each of the brothers in every crime scene. So, the younger of the Briley brothers, Anthony, received a life sentence - it was the lowest level of participation. Linwood was sentenced to death, and James received two death sentences. It is known that, even in prison awaiting sentence, the brothers were able to arrange and there is a real mess.

May 31, 1984 Linwood and James of six prisoners were able to escape. Once they were found and returned to the prison, bringing the sentence does not become too much tightening.

So, Linwood Briley was executed in the electric chair 12 October 1984 in Richmond. James Briley was executed in the electric chair on April 18 next year.

Anthony Briley is in prison today, none of his petition for conditional release was not approved.

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