Brigitta Irlandskaya

Picture of Brigitta Irlandskaya

Place of birth: Fogarty

Citizenship: Ireland


On the life of St. Brigitte remained little reliable information.

We have heard three lives St. Brigita, preserved in a large number of manuscripts and versions. Two lives are written in Latin, which is called Vita I, or Vita Prima, and Vita II. The third life is written in Old Irish - Vita III, or Bethu Brigde (BB). All these texts have a complex manuscript tradition. First Life (Vita I) was written between 650 and 725 years. However, the first life, according to medievalists, is not the oldest. According to his style and themes are treated, it is typical of the Irish hagiography eighth and following centuries. Second Life (Vita II), less in volume, is one of four works of hagiographic literature of the seventh century, which have the author - it was Kogitos (Latin Cogitosus.).

According to her the Life, largely wearing the legendary character, her father was a Gentile king of Leinster, and his mother - a slave from among the Picts who converted to Christianity St. Patrick.

Brigita is glorified not only his miracles but also his kindness and charity: she gives food to the poor, heal the sick, no one refusing to help.

In the hands of Brigita meat, butter, meal for guests almost does not dry out, food and drink enough for everyone. These stories resonate with the evangelical miracle of the five loaves and the fish, on the one hand, and the properties of the pagan goddess Brigit fertility. To milk enough for all the guests, her cows are milked three times a day.

zvestna that about 468, she converted to Christianity. Around 480 BC it was founded a monastery in the town of Kildare on the site of a former pagan temple of the Druids (HDI Cill Dara -. Temple of Oak). Repeatedly Brigita attended Kilbride, where she met with Brigham, still venerated in those places. Brigitte was the foster mother of the Irish saint venerated other Darlugdah.

Died St. Brigitte in the monastery founded it in 525 g, but buried in Downpatrick next to St. Patrick, with whom she is the patron saint of Ireland.

The veneration of St. Brigitte quickly spread first in Ireland and then throughout the Western Church. Memory St. Brigid Catholic Church in Ireland - February 1, in the Orthodox Church - January 23 st. Art.