Bridget Of Sweden

Picture of Bridget Of Sweden

Age: 70

Place of birth: Finstad

Citizenship: Italy


All dreamed about young Briggita - is to devote himself to the service of God in the convent. But her father decided otherwise and gave a daughter in marriage to Ulf Gudmarssona. From him she gave birth to eight children: four daughters and four sons. Briggita was very unusual for that time views on education. She never beat the children, but if they were doing something good is always rewarded. In his castle Briggita sheltered many women who have rejected society, such as single women with children.

As a relative of the king, it was often at the court. Later, the King and Queen granted her land Vadstene for female monastyryaPosle trip to the grave of St. Jacob in Santiago de Compostela in Spain, Ulf fell ill and died in the monastery Alvastra in 1344. Briggita for a while remained in this monastery. There she was again visited by a vision. Some of them predict future events. They were so interested contemporaries that dazhebyl published a collection of visions.

In one of the visions she was ordered to found a new religious order. Earth it has allocated King Magnus Ericsson himself, and papal permission had to wait several years. Completion of construction of the monastery Briggita not wait. She died on July 23, 1373 after a pilgrimage.