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Date of Birth: 09/02/1963

Age: 53

Place of birth: New York

Citizenship: United States

Quantum Physics as the meaning of life

Giving Brian Green is not limited to one physical - Brian is one of the few people with a certain number of Erdos - Bacon, which is calculated for individuals who have a published scientific work and the role in the film. Brian vividly played in an episode of the television series `The theory of large vzryva`, and also participated in the filming of movies` Radiovolna` (2000) and `Last Mimzy vselennoy` (2007).

Brian was born in New York, the son of Alan Green - human artistic orientation, which left his studies in high school and began his career in vaudeville actor, then it has continued as a composer. About his belonging to the Jewish nationality Alan Green said in an interview.

Son Alan - Brian Greene - very early showed his outstanding ability in mathematics, and, after graduating from high school, he decided to devote himself to the world of science. Enrolled in 1980 at the Physics Department at Harvard University, he received a bachelor`s degree and become an owner of an international Rhodes scholarship to study at Oxford University, he continued his studies at Oxford, where he received in 1987 a doctorate.


In 1990, Green joined the Department of Physics at Cornell University, and 5 years later in 1995, he became a professor there. Then, a year later, he joined the staff at Columbia University, where he is currently a director of the Institute of quantum strings, cosmology and astroparticle physics (ISCAP). Greene studied the mirror symmetry, which connects two different spaces Calabi - Yau, and currently conducts research on the use of superstring theory in cosmology. The scientist is chlenomsoveta sponsors newsletter scientists - nuclear industry, as well as one of the recipients of a large amount of a grant from the Institute of Fundamental Questions (FQXi) on its project `arrow of time in quantum vselennoy`.

It should be noted, which is especially important for Brian Green - is the dissemination of scientific achievements and discoveries of science among the masses.

Popularization of Science

In 2008, along with Tracy Day (former producer of ABC News Bi_Si), Brion Greene founded the World Science Festival. Purpose of the festival - to promote the creation of an informed and interested in the science of public belief in its importance and ready to use its future achievements. The characteristic event of the program - a 5-day festival held in New York, mostly falling on days of May. The festival is characterized by a large number of performances by stars of science and the huge number of interested public. The first festival attracted nearly 6 million visitors, plus about a million studied online content program of the festival after each meeting.

In addition to the World Science Festival, Green is known in wide circles of the population in their works from, distribute theoretical physics. His first book, in which he developed the theory of the electronic black hole, came out in 1999 under the name `The Elegant Universe. Superstrings, hidden dimensions and the Quest for the Ultimate teorii`. The book is a work of popularization of string theory and M-theory, becoming a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in the section nonfiction and laureate of The Aventis Prizes for Science Books category 2000 (Prize, annually issued by the Royal Society of authors of books that promote science among broad layers of the population) .

`Elegant vselennaya` later gave rise to the eponymous miniseries on the channel of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), where he acted as the Green leader. This miniseries was awarded the George Foster Peabody Award nomination in 2003.

Green`s second book `The fabric of space: Space, Time and the Texture realnosti` tells about space, time and nature of the universe. The scientist gave this book the basics of string theory and affected aspects of quantum entanglement - a phenomenon in which the quantum states of a few objects are interdependent and this interdependence is maintained, even if these objects are spatially beyond any known interactions.

The book is a study of the very essence of the nature of matter and reality, and covers such topics as space-time, cosmology, the origin and the Unified Field Theory, including imagination. The book `Fabric kosmosa` formed the basis of the eponymous series on PBS with Brian Green as the lead.

His third book `The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the underlying laws kosmosa`, published in 2011, reveals a deep concept of the multiverse (the possibility of the existence of parallel universes).

A book for young people on the edge of `Icarus vremeni`- fantastic retelling of the myth of Ikarus - was published in 2008.

In addition to the publication of the scientific and popular books, Green contributes to the Op-Ed page of the newspaper `The New York-Tayms`, publishing articles both on scientific topics, in general, and on their own research.

The artistic talent of the scientist, his attraction to the art world, began to appear more during training at Oxford, where he began to take lessons from a famous British pianist and composer Jack Gibson. Subsequently, thanks to the popularity of his books, as well as his natural demeanor in front of camera, Greene became a frequent guest in the media programs, acting as an actor in small roles, as well as a technical consultant to the movie productions. In April 2011, for example, he appeared in an episode of the television series `The theory of large vzryva`, telling the public about the content present his latest published book.

Professor Green often gives lectures at various levels for more than twenty-five countries and in 2012 his teaching abilities were recognized by the American Association of Physics Teachers in the form of delivery of the Richtmyer Memorial Award.


Green is married to Tracy Dey - the former producer of the American broadcasters ABC, BBC. Brian - a vegetarian since 9 years due to the awareness of the direct link between the meat on a plate and being killed. The moment was so shocking realization that the boy said the refusal of meat for the rest of his life. And in 1997, after a visit to the famous American farms for the protection of agricultural animals, Green refused and dairy products, learning about the least shocking reality of the modern dairy industry.

Green argues that science is incompatible with religion, literalism of interpretation and show support in favor of the motion `New ateizm` because they do not feel the need for religion and` New ateizm` longer resonates with his views. However, despite the latest statement, Green is not sure of the effectiveness of the movement for the dissemination of the scientific worldview.

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