Brendan And William Burke And Hare

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Citizenship: Ireland


They sold the corpses of their 17 victims as a material for dissection. Their buyer was Dr. Robert Knox (Robert Knox), a teacher of anatomy at Edinburgh Medical College (Edinburgh Medical College). criminals accomplices were Burke`s mistress, Helen MacDougal (Helen McDougal), and his wife Hara, Margaret Laird (Margaret Laird).

Their vile method of the murder victims was named word `burking`, means the intentional smothering and chest compression quickly and quietly.

Get the body in Britain legally, for the study and teaching of anatomy, it was problematic. With the rapid development of medical science in the early 19th century on the body demand rose sharply, but at the same time the only legal supply of corpses of executed criminals start to limp due to reduction in the number of executions caused by the abolition of `bloody kodeksa`.

A large number of students were forced to settle for 2-3 bodies per year. This situation is connected to the case of criminal elements, who were willing to obtain specimens in any way. Activities of the Body Snatchers catches up with fear and revulsion at the people of those times in several states.

Burke was born in 1792-m in Erni, near Strabane (Urney, Strabane); He died on January 28 th 1829-th. He tried his hand at various professions and even was an assistant officer in Donegalskoy police. Around 1817, he left his wife and two children in Ireland (Ireland) and emigrated to Scotland (Scotland), where he worked on the canal digger Union. There he met Helen MacDougal. Later, Burke was a laborer, a weaver, the baker and the shoemaker.

Har was born in 1792-m and 1804-m, according to various sources, close to Newry (Newry) and Derry (Derry), and both these places are in the province of Ulster (Ulster) in Ireland. Like Berg, Har immigrated to Scotland, where he was a laborer on the Union Canal. He moved to Edinburgh, where he met with some Logue (Logue), house manager of accommodation in West Port (West Port). Log When he died in 1826-m, Har married Margaret Laird (Margaret Laird), widow of Loga.

At the end of 1838, and Burke MacDougall moved to the area of ??the West Port. After that two criminal pair quickly became good friends. Burke later told that first sold their body has become the tenant house, an old army pensioner who died of natural causes, which was supposed to Haru & # 163; 4. They filled the coffin of the bark, and the body was taken to the University of Edinburgh, looking for a buyer. One of the students sent them to the local anatomist Robert Knox, to pay for the body & # 163; 7.10.

The first victim of homicide and Hara Burke became sick tenant Joseph Miller (Joseph the Miller), whom they have given to drink whiskey and suffocated. Then they decided to lure the victim on the street. In February 1828 they invited pensioner Abigail Simpson (Abigail Simpson) to spend the night in a doss house before heading home spoili her and strangled her to gain for the body & # 163; 10.

Another victim was their casual acquaintance of Burke, a beggar Effie (Effie). He simply `spas` her from the police, stating that familiar with it, and within a few hours after that for the & # 163; 10, sold her body to the medical school. Then, life had lost a grandmother and her blind grandson. And if my grandmother had died of an anesthetic overdose, the poor boy put on his knee and broke his back. For the two bodies were all bailed & # 163; 16. By accessing further and further in their wickedness, Burke and Har killed one of the relatives of MacDougall, Dougal Ann (Ann Dougal).

Under the distribution as was 18-year-old mentally retarded limping James Wilson (James Wilson), popularly known as `Stupid Dzheymi`. The boy resisted, and Burke and Haru had to part with him on the spot. Mother lame young man and could not dokrichatsya him. First and foremost anatomist Knox cut the victim`s face and cut off from the body of the feet and hands, and only then showed the students, but some still recognized him as a madman, Jamie. However, anatomist denied it.

The latest victim was Marjory Campbell Docherty (Marjory Campbell Docherty). Burke lured her into a rooming house, claiming that his mother was of the same name. But he had to postpone the murder, while the guests, James (James) and Ann Gray (Ann Gray), did not go out of the house. And yet, when Burke killed Marjorie, neighbors heard sounds of a struggle.

The next day, returning Ann Gray became suspicious when Burke would not let her go to bed, where she had left stockings. When Grace left home alone in the evening, they checked the bed - and found Docherty`s body raised. On the way to the police the couple met at MacDougall, who promised to pay them in & # 163; 10 per week for their silence. They refused.

Before the police arrived and Har Burke pulled the body out of the house. During the interrogation, Burke claimed that Docherty went their doss-house at seven in the morning, while MacDougall said that the woman left the house in the evening. The police arrested them. According to an anonymous tip-off consequence it reached the Class Knox, where it was found Docherty`s body, which had identified James Gray. William and Margaret Khar were arrested shortly afterwards.

When it became clear that the evidence collected is not enough, Lord Advocate, Sir William Ray (William Rae) Haru offered immunity from prosecution if he confesses to everything and will testify against Burke. Indications Hara led Burke to death by hanging in December 1828, after which he was publicly dissected at the Edinburgh Medical College.

MacDougal was released as its complicity in the murder has not been proved. She returned home, where it snapped an angry mob, and it is rumored that a woman uhala to Australia, where she died at about 1868 m. Margaret also escaped lynching, apparently returning to Ireland. Har was released in February 1829-th, and in many stories it describes as a blind beggar from the streets of London (London), which beat the crowd and threw them into the ash pan.

Anatomy Act 1832 permitted to open the dead body only if they are in his lifetime gave their consent.