Brenda Griffin

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Age: 72

Citizenship: United Kingdom

How does Skype save a person`s life

High technology is changing our lives so quietly that we sometimes do not even realize that we live in the present the future. More recently opportunity to see in real time the interlocutor at the other end of the globe, seemed outright fiction; now video conferencing become almost commonplace. Programs for video like Skype are suitable not only for the peace talks or regular calls mother; sometimes high technology can literally save a person`s life.

Hospital Royal Derbi became one of the first medical institutions in England, have adopted Skype; with the help of this program, physicians can communicate with patients, not forcing them to go to the hospital himself. One of the users of the new hospital services has become a 65-year-old Briton Brenda Griffin (Brenda Griffin). Griffinispolzovala Skype on your tablet - constant communication with specialists allows women to undergo the procedure of kidney dialysis at home, not bothering to frequent and tedious exits the hospital. Earlier, Brenda had to spend in the hospital 4 hours 3 days a week; visits and procedures incredibly harassed a woman, so that eventually doctors could come up with an alternative solution - dialysis can be done at home. Of course, this could radically simplify the procedure as such, but the rejection of the travel and the familiar, familiar atmosphere is still doing dialysis much more tolerable occupation. With the help of her husband, Griffin was able to set the machine; Sometimes, however, there were problems with the device - if Brenda and resorted to skype-communication with the hospital staff.

It was during the discussion with the experts held pochechnogodializa and there was an event, once again demonstrated the usefulness of high technologies in all spheres of life. In the eyes of conversing with Mrs. Griffin medical patient husband, 70-year-old Peter Griffin (Peter Griffin), suddenly fainted.

To their credit, doctors should be noted that reacted to the fall of Mr. Griffin, they immediately. Contact customer service `999` and calling an ambulance, the doctors explained Brenda Griffin, as it may detach from the machine for dialysis, and what kind of first aid it could provide to her husband before the arrival of doctors. Ambulance arrived on time, and Peter Griffin was taken to the nearest hospital. In the course of further investigation it was found out that the man is suffering from colon cancer.

Brenda Griffin has already noted on several occasions that the Skype program and the draft Royal Derbi it must literally everyone. First, the possibility of home treatments radically eased her life; now high technology has helped a woman to save her husband. If not for a Skype, Griffin is likely to be just missing the house; even if the procedure had already ended, Brenda hardly had time to react so immediately. In addition, it is timely medical intervention helped detect Enron Peter Griffin`s disease; Now the Briton will have to undergo a course of treatment. Chemotherapy, by the way, Griffin will take place, like the wife in the home - of course, under the watchful supervision of observing the process through Skype physicians. Themselves representatives of the Royal Derbi had already recognized that the effectiveness of the program has exceeded all expectations, and now they probably will connect to skype-separation counseling and other clinic.