Breanna Bond

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Age: 12

Citizenship: United States

Obesity is in the past

Brianna Bond (Breanna Bond) was 9 years old when her story became public. For Brianna baby weighed in at some point about 85 kg. Even after a short time, her weight also be added and made up almost 90 kg, and it seemed like it would never end, and the girl will have a lifetime to be a hostage of his own body.

Needless to say how difficult it was Brianna surrounded by cruel peers? Above it mocked openly teased and bullied, and the girl`s life can not be called particularly happy. In addition, the extra weight makes it rather fixed, and, moreover, were not far off, and health problems.

So, Brianna, with the support of his mother, Heidi Bond (Heidi Bond) Bond and father Dan (Dan Bond) decided to fight with the damned kilograms. They started with a complete revision of the food. So, all the junk food and fast food were excluded pretty tough. The father began to walk every day with her daughter and soon plump Brianna calmly walked 4 kilometers a day. After some time passed walking in jogging and healthy eating in the meantime also do the trick.

As a result, the girl`s name got into the media when she managed to lose weight at 30 kg, and it was not all. Together with their parents Brianna was a guest of several TV shows, and the girl`s life changed the most amazing way. So, it has become incredibly popular in the school, it would like to be friends, it set an example.

However, Brianna did not stop there - with all the same sensitive and wise support of parents, she began to swim. It turned out that the former fatties have the makings of a very good swimmer, and in early 2014 it became known that Brianna, which is already 11 years old, came to the youth Olympic team.

It`s like a Cinderella story, but no magic here not at all. And there is a strong will and desire to change.

Who does not know how much demoralizing overweight? Alas, leave extra weight was not so happy with what they grow. So, for every pound lost is hard work, and sometimes it takes some weeks until the manifest at least some result.

Brianna Bond was persistent fighter - in my young age she was able to give a real fight dangerous and insidious enemy - excess weight, as well as all accompanying him moments - laziness, immobility, inactivity and submission.

Today, looking at the pretty smiling girl in a bathing suit and sporting a hat, you can hardly imagine the poor plump, kakoyona was a couple of years ago. However, the facts speak for themselves - a recent photo smiling all the same Brianna, a well-fed cheeks and heavy, not children`s chin.

By the way, she is ready to share its experience with all the children who suffer from the same problems, through which she has passed. On the Internet site opened Breannabond.com, the pages of which she shares tips, tells her story and inspire all children caught in a vice of excess weight.

40 kg - so much had to lose Brianna Bond, to prove to myself and everyone that can and must be fought with nature, with himself, with his laziness. Perhaps it is waiting in front of the Olympic swimming pool water - Brianna dream that`s about it and knows that in life nothing is impossible, you just need to really want it and work hard.

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