Bowe Bergdahl

Picture of Bowe Bergdahl

Date of Birth: 03/28/1986

Age: 30

Place of Birth: Sun Valley

Citizenship: United States

Captured Taliban

Bowe Bergdahl (Bowe Robert Bergdahl) was born in 1986 in Sun Valley, Idaho (Sun Valley, Idaho), in the family of Robert and Jani Bergdahl (Robert and Jani Bergdahl).

The name of this young American became widely known in 2009, after the June 2009 Bergdahl, who is a part of US troops in Afghanistan (Afghanistan), was abducted from the territory of the military base. In July, the Taliban militants have extended video of Bowe Bergdahl appealed to the US government to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

Since June 30, 2009, Sergeant Bergdahl disappeared from a military base in Paktika province (Paktika Province).

Place the prisoner could not be determined, according to some assumptions, it is held in the area of ??Afghanistan and Pakistan border.

On the 28-minute video Sergeant Bergdahl looked healthy and was clearly in the clear mind. So, to confirm this, he listed some of the names of their relatives and friends. However, the recording quality is still not made it possible to confidently say that the video was indeed Bowie, at the same time, journalists who received the video and the Taliban, claimed the opposite.

It is known that the Taliban`s exchange offer Bergdahl for five Guantanamo prisoners was met by officials with sharp disapproval. By the way, Sergeant itself by requesting a withdrawal authorities called `propaganda Talibana` ideas.

After this has been extended several clips with Bowie Bergdalom, including one video became available April 7, 2010. It Bergdahl, unshaven, with long hair and beard, just begging the US government to release Afghan prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay.

In November 2010, they released another video, and in May 2011, Bergdahl appeared in the fifth video in a row.

At present, negotiations on a prisoner exchange are not conducted.

According to official information Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl is the only US military who are held captive by the Taliban. So, it stays there and now, starting with the month of June 2009.

According to some reports, the fall of 2011 made an attempt to escape Bergdahl, but it still caught and returned three days later.

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