Boris Weisfeiler

Picture of Boris Weisfeiler

Date of birth: 1942

Age: 43

Citizenship: United States


Boris Veisfeiler (born Boris Weisfeiler.) - American mathematician, professor at the University of Pennsylvania-State, a traveler, a prisoner of the paramilitary camp-colony Dignidad in Chile.

Boris Veisfeiler emigrated from the USSR in 1975 and worked in the US, at the University, a professor of mathematics.

One of the interests of the scientist were traveling. In 1985 he arrived in Chile. For some suspicions he was arrested by the Chilean secret police, DINA, and passed the German security structures closed Dignidad colony. He had been missing since January 4, 1985.

The US Embassy in Chile is not making a serious effort to clarify the fate of missing citizen of the country, which is associated more with the political position of Pinochet.

In 1987, the embassy came to witness the abduction and said that he participated in the arrest Veisfeiler. He brought him to the colony "Dignidad" and said he wanted to save him, perhaps others. There is evidence that the arrested have seen in the colony pozdnee.assledovanie disappearance of Boris Weisfeiler was reopened only in 2000, the Chilean lawyer Hernan Fernandez hired by the family of Boris.

In the same year, to the point he joined the US State Department, which is demanded by the Chilean government`s wider investigation. In the end, the official suit against General Augusto Pinochet was registered under the number 169, who was then the head of state and who patronized Colony "Dignidad".

These svideteleyukazyvayut that Pinochet used a closed camp for torture and opinions of his political opponents, such as the head of the DINA Pedro Espinoza was involved in the murder of Charles Norman, a correspondent from the United States.

In early 2006, a letter signed by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and lots of Senators and Congressmen sent to the Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, in the hope to move the investigation in the kidnapping and to establish the whereabouts and fate of the kidnapped.