Boris Kluev

Picture of Boris Kluev

Date of Birth: 07/13/1944

Age: 72

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

The man - especially a gentleman

Author: Svetlana Kuzina

Website: Celebrities

- How do you feel about the fact that now in honor, as a rule, bloody romance?

- Bad. If you see on television our show rudeness, rudeness, violence, immediately switch the channel. Rudeness of art has nothing to do. Moreover, such a thing on the screen is very corrupt young people. They also begin to imitate! At one time when there was a film "The Magnificent Seven", we all threw knives. Break away from drainpipes shtychki on which they are kept, and sharpen them from morning till evening threw these homemade "knives". And there was a huge number of injuries! Naturally, young people want to emulate the heroes. A value for them does not exist, and the older they need to explain "what is good and what is bad." So very much hope that all of this criminal act from the screens will come soon. People are tired of the criminal cult. I, as a teacher with years of experience, is shocking that the students who came to the theater school, talk to some primitive slang!

- And how do you educate them?

- They - a product of his time. "Rose Revolution" that occurred in our country, has brought different values, is often questionable. Gone is the old romance, for example, hiking and art song. What to do? Since my students are studying in the university theater, I think that for them, first of all need to learn such a thing as culture. The actor should be able to all - including those to be vulgar when it is necessary for the role. But in life it must be brought up, be a gentleman, perfect treat for the older, to be able to care for beautiful woman.

- But now, in movies and in life to punch the woman in the face has become almost the norm. Always I thought that a man can not raise a hand against a woman.

- Of course .. But ... If you only knew police statistics! The worst of what is happening, most often comes from women. If the men are able to fight "until the first blood," that the woman did not rest until he would kill rival! One day, walking down the street and I heard behind selective mat. I - a man, three years served in the army and all these words, of course, already heard. But then I wanted to make a point to these young people. Turning around, confused, because I saw three very young girls, each in rtupo cigarette and basovitye, smoky voice. In response to my comment I heard from them that! Yes, there is a transitional age, when you try to do something to someone to prove. But this should not be the norm! How can I take care of a woman? Here, everything is accessible, everything happens at once, on the first day of our acquaintance - a primitive and a bottle of beer. What can be born as a result of this? And what can we expect from a man who with her? It he is somewhere between accepting a drink and finding adventure. "Rose Revolution" turned many of the values ??that have been before them trampled in the mud, but gave no other. However, I think the nature still take its toll! In nature, yet all very harmonious, and any anomaly with time comes to naught.