Boris Gordon

Picture of Boris Gordon

Citizenship: Russia


In the autumn of 1915 he was drafted into the army, soldier, C March 1917 -Member of the Jewish workers` party "Poale Zion". He worked as Head of Tambov. the provincial Department for Nationalities and part-subdivision in minority gubotdela public education. During the raid by Mamontov cavalry corps took part in the fighting, according to the defense of Yelets, then was sent to Eletskii Cheka. He worked as a junior, then senior investigator, participated in the liquidation of the kulak revolts. In June 1920 he was transferred to the Orel provincial Cheka - authorized to combat speculation and crimes ex officio member of the board of the regional transport Cheka, the head of the Secret Operations Division and the deputy. Chairman of the lips. Cheka.

In July 1921, it aimed at the disposal of the plenipotentiary representative of the Cheka to Turkestan, the head of the Secret Operations Division and the deputy. chairman of the regional Cheka in Verny (Alma-Ata) Semirechensk reg., then was transferred to Tashkent as head of the Secret Operations Division and the deputy. Chairman of the Cheka ASSR. Since May 1923 the chief of JI, in combination - Head of Op - Eastern Division and the authorized representative of the OGPU for Central Asia, a member of the board of the People`s Commissariat, head. SNK information department, the CEC and the Economic Council of the Turkestan ASSR.

In December 1924, he was recalled to Moscow inaznachen head of the Arkhangelsk provincial department of the OGPU. In 1927-1928 gg. - Head of the provincial department of the Kursk, in 1928 - deputy. Plenipotentiary Representative of the OGPU in the Central Black Earth region. In 1930-1931 gg. -nachalnik SDA plenipotentiary representative of the OGPU in the Moscow region. In 1932 - managing director of MK VKP (b), student of the Institute of Red Professors of the world economy and world politics.

Since 1933, the ISE OGPU. Since December 1934 - a legal resident of the ISE in Berlin (pseudonym "Rudolph", "Gustav.") Under cover of an attache, 2nd Secretary of the Soviet Embassy in Germany. Attracted to cooperate with Soviet intelligence a number of sources, ie, h high official of the Ministry of Economy Dr. Arvid Harnack ( "Corsican"), then head of the underground anti-fascist organization "Red Chapel". In May 1937 it recalled to the Soviet Union.

He was awarded "Honorary worker Cheka-GPU" diploma OGPU Collegium, personal weapon (revolver) with the inscription "For the ruthless struggle against counter-revolution."

Arrested on June 20, 1937 August 21 sentenced by a commission composed of the People`s Commissar of Internal Affairs, Prosecutor of the USSR and Chairman of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court to death on charges of espionage and "for communicating with the enemy of the people Artuzov" and on the same day shot. Rehabilitated in 1967