Boris Golitsin

Picture of Boris Golitsin

Date of Birth: 07/29/1654

Age: 60

Citizenship: Russia

`Uncle tsarya`

As a scion of one of the noblest and most ancient families of Russia, Boris Golitsyn could not be on the leading positions in the Russian state. At age 20 he became stolnik, that is one of the closest servants of Tsar Fedor Alekseevich. When power after Theodore`s death came the Princess Sophia, Golitsyn again was not forgotten, thanks in part to the fact that his cousin Vasily Golitsyn was a civilian ruler of her husband. But the political leanings of Boris belonged to the opposite camp - our hero has always been faithful to the young tsar Peter the Great, which is why the mother of the future emperor, Natalia Naryshkin, even trusted him to raise his son, naming him "uncle."

Like Basil, Boris Golitsyn was very educated for his time a man and a big supporter of Western culture and European fashion. So it is not surprising that he started a wide acquaintance among the inhabitants of the German settlement, where they lived almost all foreigners, who had then in Moscow. To visit it, from the standpoint of orthodox Russians hot spot Boris likes and his pupil. But unlike his cousin, who was a very serious person, though a bit limp, Boris Golitsyn looked at life easier, as they said, "was a man of fun", so that the process of familiarizing the young king of the fruits of Western civilization sometimes was substituted process of familiarizing him to Western distilling fruits.

The fact that Peter later was so intemperate in drinking, the Russian people at that time rightly blamed Boris Golitsyn, who, as they said, "was all poured the wine." The nature and essence of Boris A. can be illustrated by one of his letter to the king. It began with a quite decent Latin phrases, and then appeared in the text not always decent German words, written in Russian, and ends with the caption "Borisko, though he was drunk." This breadth of nature and complex organization of the individual, however, did not prevent Boris Golitsyn forever remain one of the most loyal people to Peter. Especially credibility king strengthened after Golitsyn headed the so-called "Trinity`s seat" when Peter August night, scared the possibility of attack by Sophia, in what has been, that is, in some pants, rode away from the Transfiguration to the Trinity Monastery, which became the headquarters of the opposition Sophia. It is the seat marked the end of reign of the regent and the transition of full power to Peter.

Boris Golitsyn was one of the most influential persons in the state. And he himself had ruined everything. He dared to ask for mitigation of the fate of his cousin Basil, with the result that fell out of favor. Then he is not yet fully coped with the suppression of the Astrakhan revolt, "exceedingly entering king in his letter sumnenie extravagant", so that in 1707 Golitsyn was finally dismissed from public office. But private location Tsar he retained until his death, and corresponded regularly with him about such expressions: "You are amused in the case, and I drink. That`s all one thing. "